#GivingTuesday Divine Abundance Meditation

#GivingTuesday Divine Abundance Meditation

For the last two years, I’ve been developing a process I call “Energy Repatterning” – basically, a way to shift our vibrational state just ENOUGH to get past those pesky resistance mechanisms that keep us from powerfully aligning to our Divine self-expression!

So for #GivingTuesday, I thought I would create a shortened version of this process, just for you, designed to assist you in grounding the energy of Divine Abundance into your physical vibrational state.

Obviously, this meditation is ONLY going to create abundance for you if you ALSO take new action in alignment with your Soul Purpose.

However … it makes new and abundant action easier. And it might give you a bit of a buzz, too! 🙂

Both the visual and audio components are energetically encoded to shift your physical vibrational state. For best results, wear headphones and watch for 21 days in a row!

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess