If you're here, you are deeply invested in your spiritual development and growth. At the same time, you may feel as if there's important information missing from your life.

You are ready to access the Akashic Records and transcend the confinement of most people's third-dimensional perspective on life!

You're ready to know how the Soul expresses its Divine Purpose!

You may wonder why, in spite of all we know about spiritual growth, meditation, and the Law of Attraction, some people - perhaps yourself included - still cannot seem to create the human experience they want. You know we're the powerful Creators of our experience.

You know we are Divine beings. And yet, somehow, you may long for a deeper, more profound experience and understanding of this Truth.

Welcome to the Soul Realignment® Certification Program!!!

The Akashic Records offer us all the information we could ever wish for about the Divine nature of the Soul, our Soul Purpose, our Divine Gifts, and our path of spiritual evolution.

Through this comprehensive, step-by-step system of access, you will learn how to intuitively "read" the Akashic Records to discover exactly how the Soul shapes its human experience.

You will learn how to accurately discover information about the Soul's nature and purpose, its training and gifts - for yourself, your loved ones, and if you wish, for paying clients.

But Soul Realignment® goes beyond "just" reading the Akashic Records.

Have you ever wondered why we can get "stuck" in the process of inner and outer transformation? Do you want to know exactly why we attract the experiences we are having?

Finally, Soul Realignment® offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that plague so many people. By examining negative blocks and restrictions that may be affecting us at Soul-level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences.

Soul Realignment® Certification Program

Your Investment: US$997

(Or Four Monthly Payments Of US$261.50)

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Rhonda Darling Rhonda Darling, Divinely Aligned Business

Studying Soul Realignment has truly transformed my life. I gained the confidence in finally being able to charge for my services because it helped me to trust the accuracy of the intuitive information I had already been tapping into, but didn't have a framework for understanding. More importantly, it has led me to a place personally where I have stopped being a spiritual seeker. For me, Soul Realignment is not just about accessing the Akashic records, it's about embodying the ultimate Truth that is contained there. As a longtime student of metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth, energy healing, and quantum physics, I have discovered that all roads lead here...and that the Akashic records live within each of us as an infinite field of Light and information.

Laura Warnke Laura Warnke, Intuitive Journal

Andrrea, you have made such a difference in my life and business. Through your courses I have learned so much about the Akashic records and how to make changes based on what shows up. Don't ever stop doing what you do. Also, please keep speaking your truth. I started following your blog back sometime in 2008 if I remember correctly and I think I have read every one of your emails and blog posts since then. I am proud to be a SR practitioner and part of this community.

Best of all, through this powerful method of spiritual healing, we can clear and heal negative blocks that are limiting people at Soul-level.

Through Soul Realignment®, people experience a profound transformation in their life experiences. They begin attracting new experiences. They create more of what they want. They break through to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.

Are you ready to discover how to heal our Divine Soul Blueprint and transform lives?

  • Learn how to accurately and reliably access your clients' Akashic Records.
  • Help others understand their Divine nature and Soul Purpose.
  • Embrace your intuitive potential at a profound level.
  • Receive a new level of guidance and insight for your own highest path and purpose.
  • Step into a new relationship with Spirit as you experience your own inner transformation through this work.
  • Systematically discover who we are as a spiritual Beings, and what our Soul-level purpose is for this lifetime.
  • Discover with accuracy and precision the negative blocks and restrictions from present and past lives that are currently affecting our experiences.
  • Learn how to effectively and permanently realign these negative influences to create amazing shifts and changes in your life and the lives of others.
  • Transform lives!
  • Bring a new level of depth and effectiveness to any existing healing work you may currently be doing. Soul Realignment™ combines beautifully with other energy healing modalities.
  • Add Soul Realignment to your existing services, or begin a new healing arts practice.

Soul Realignment® goes beyond "just" reading the Akashic Records.

This program includes the following:

  • Ten comprehensive video lessons, released weekly to keep you engaged and on track.
  • Downloadable audio-only versions of the video lessons, so that you can take your course content with you on the go!
  • Downloadable PDF files of the course notes.
  • Reading sheets and client "homework" assignments that you can give to your clients post-session.
  • A 235-page reference book, shipped to you at no charge.
  • Ongoing Q&A support calls twice a month to make sure all your questions are answered.
Jenny Mannion Jenny Mannion

Soul Realignment has helped me trust my intuition beyond any other tool. The validation given from every reading delivered to my clients is beautiful for both of us. The forward movement and growth after a clearing is tangible. It all makes sense and feels like a remembering and nothing feels beyond understanding.

Andrea Salchert Andrea Salchert

The overall spiritual understanding I have now is priceless. I grew up being victimized by everyone's emotions and worrying that I was schizophrenic. To say I was terrified and paralyzed with indecision would not be an overstatement. Soul Realignment has given me my life back. Spirit Guide channeling is fun and chakra balancing is a great tool for me to stay grounded.

Why is this course structured as an online video learning and home study course?

Integration. This is a very extensive course containing information that is brand-new to most students, even those with experience in multiple energy healing modalities or the intuitive arts. It is impossible to properly integrate and PRACTICE this material over the course of three or four days in a seminar or workshop-type setting.  By having lessons release WEEKLY, you not only have time to integrate the information and put it into practice, you'll also not end up with "shelf help."

Support. Our whole community gathers every two weeks for Q&A calls that are a consistent source of inspiration and ongoing learning.  This course is highly transformational in nature, and so we talk about issues that may arise for you, both personally and within your course work, on our calls.

Accessibility. You will not have the inconvenience or expense of traveling to study this modality. Soul Realignment™ Practitioners live and practice in forty different countries world-wide. You also don't have to wait for months for the next class to start!

Consistency. While everyone is on different schedules, it's important to move through this course consistently.  This work has the potential to change your life in only ten weeks ... as long as you DO the work. It's easy to spend a weekend immersing yourself in new material, only to go home and never use what you've learned. By moving through the course week by week, you will make Soul Realignment a part of your life and work from the very beginning.

Lauren Kay Wyatt Lauren Kay Wyatt, Bee Loving Bee Wise

Before doing Soul Realignment, the thought of being a professional psychic was a dream. But through implementing Andrrea's teachings in my life, I have made powerful choices that have allowed me to create a life that I once only dreamed about!  I love how grounded and centered the work is, and how much the modality has empowered me. Everything lines up and makes sense.

Jan Messersmith Jan Messersmith, Clarity Alchemy

Soul Realignment has been life changing for me. It has touched every aspect of my life, and has challenged me to be more of who I am on so many levels.  I love that you offer live Q&A calls also love how structured the programs are toward doing meaningful readings for my clients.

Soul Realignment® Certification Program

Your Investment: US$997

(Or Four Monthly Payments Of US$261.50)

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My Guarantee To You ...

Due to the highly transformational nature of this course, all refund requests must be made within 5 days of purchase. After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the first three lessons of the Level I program. No refunds will be given after the five-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request.

Ken Shannon Ken Shannon, Survive and Thrive Guy

I've just done the clearings for my second practice client and I want to tell you how absolutely amazing and wonderful the clearings are. The wording, the thoroughness, the connection to spirit, and the impact on me personally, as the person doing the clearings, are all wonderful. I truly respect and admire your creation which was obviously directly from spirit. I feel very privileged to have you as my teacher, even if your are in a different country and about a 1000 miles away.  The entire course is awesome.

Laura-Jane Cote Laura-Jane Cote

Wow, wow, wow. I decided to offer 3 free readings on my Facebook page for practice and to ground the learning. My client is a well-known healer and psychic in Ontario and she commented that this is the first reading she has ever gotten that answered so many things and she commented that it was “so practical and she could actually use the information”. What a reaffirmation of why I love this work so much. Your program and your wonderful relaxed and informative teaching style has been instrumental in finding my way in this lifetime. I have studied and been involved with many healing and divination practices but none of them really filled me with enjoyment. I continued to search for a way to genuinely help people live in a way that brought them joy, abundance and a true sense of fulfillment. Soul Realignment does all that and a box of chocolates! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Soul Realignment® Curriculum

You will be able to access the first three lessons of the course immediately.  Subsequent lessons will be released to you weekly.

Lesson 1: Soul Realignment® Core Principles

We will begin by redefining the spiritual path in the context of today's world and consciousness.  You will learn about the Soul's structure, our multi-dimensionality, and the importance of vital force energy and the role it plays in our ability to create abundance.  We will also talk about how the Akashic Records function as an effective intuitive access point.  We will discuss some of the practicalities of studying this modality.  Finally, you will receive detailed instructions on the mechanics of pendulum dowsing.

Lesson 2: Entering The Akashic Records

We will begin this lesson with guidelines on whose Soul-level information you can appropriate access with or without permission.  You will receive an attunement that allows you accurate entry to the Akashic Records. This alone is usually a highly transformational experience for students! You will also learn how to access and navigate the Akashic Records and locate information for specific Souls.  Finally, you will also learn how to establish accuracy for each Soul and how to resolve any blocks to Truth you may encounter.

Lesson 3: Accessing The Divine Soul Blueprint

In this lesson, you will learn about the various energetic qualities that make up our Divine Soul Blueprint and are essential to our ability to manifest an abundant human experience.  You will learn about the positive and negative polarity of each of these energetic qualities, and how our Divine Gifts can be expressed functionally and dysfunctionally in our experience, through choice.

Lesson 4: Soul Origination

Learn about the Soul groups, positive and negative, currently active on our planet. Learn about how our Soul group of origination is reflected in our every day lives. This is a huge topic that is an essential element of our Soul's Divine blueprint and our Soul Purpose.

Lesson 5: The Soul Profile, Your Intuitive Development, and Karmic Law

In this lesson, you'll learn how to uncover the Soul's current alignment to its Divine self-expression through the various aspects of the Soul Profile.  You will also learn the core principles of intuitive accuracy and how to manage and develop your intuitive abilities, as well as any energetic sensitivity that may arise. We will also talk about the laws of karma that govern how we create our human experience, through choice.

Lesson 6: Clearing Soul-Level Blocks and Restrictions - Part One

Learn how to uncover negative blocks and restrictions that we create in our Akashic Records through past-life choices, and how they continue to affect us in present life. You'll learn exactly how negativity is created in our lives, through choice, and how to discern this negativity in the Records.

Lesson 7: Clearing Soul-Level Blocks and Restrictions - Part Two

Yes, there's more! Because this is perhaps THE most transformational aspect of our work, we'll dive into further detail on how we can eliminate negativity from our clients' lives ... and our own.

Lesson 8: Putting It All Together

Learn how the various influences within a Soul record interact. This lesson shows you how to discover exactly what choices  created the negative blocks and restrictions in the Record. You will learn how a full reading is put together and how to access additional information from the Akashic Record. Examples of various client issues are given, as well as details on how to research these in great depth. This lesson also covers how to communicate effectively and present your sessions to your clients.

Lesson 9: Property Realignment and Clearing

Learn how to clear property of negative influences. Assist your clients in making their homes and work places their sacred space. Property clearings are also very useful in working with realtors, or clients who are selling their homes.

Lesson 10: Clearing the Record

Learn how to energetically "clear" the Divine Soul Blueprint of negative blocks and restrictions.  We will talk about the scope of clearing work, define the energetic changes clearing creates, and how clearing work integrates with free will.  Energy clearing is some of the most profound support we can offer our clients.

This course is designed as a sophisticated and structured framework that will allow you to tap into the knowledge and wisdom contained within the Akashic Records. It is a starting point on a journey that will change your life!

By the end of this course, you will be able to offer professional-level readings to paying clients. You will be able to identify yourself as an Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner and will be eligible for listing in the Practitioner Directory on this website.

Soul Realignment® Certification Program

Your Investment: US$997

(Or Four Monthly Payments Of US$261.50)

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My Guarantee To You ...

Due to the highly transformational nature of this course, all refund requests must be made within 5 days of purchase. After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the first three lessons of the Level I program. No refunds will be given after the five-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request.

Chris Lynn Chris Lynn, Blue Jean Mystic

I'm just so pleased with the structure it has given my practice. I come from a background of traveling nationally as an educator in the bodywork field, and held a presentation that was highly organized, clear and precise. After leaving that field 5 years ago to pursue my psychic development, it seemed that the structured part of my expression had atrophied. With the framework provided by Soul Realignment, I feel I am able to more easily work with both left- and right- brain and bring all the best parts of myself forward. I feel so much more complete and effective, and that I can serve my clients more fully from that place. Thank you!

Wendy Louise Jones Wendy Louise Jones

Soul Realignment has been the most valuable experience in my life so far. Not only has it helped me to know and understand myself at soul level, it has improved my business and career by being able to offer this service to others. It has also helped my whole family and circle of friends connect and understand each other on a deeper level, increasing our awareness and understanding of ourselves and each other, creating a beautiful sense of family and community. It's the most wonderful and satisfying work I've ever been involved with and I thank you Andrrea for providing such a wonderful system. I'm really looking forward to starting level two!