Are you ready to CHANGE your karma, quickly and permanently, so that you can create more of what you want in your life?

Changing your karma is not hard.

It doesn't require you to be particularly intuitive.  You don't have to invest years of spiritual practice to be able to change your karma.

Best of all, you can change your karmic patterns QUICKLY, and create new results in your life within a few days and sometimes even just hours!

Being a “good” person is not the answer to shifting your karma. After all, bad things happen to good people all the time.

Here's The Hard Truth You Might Have To Admit To Yourself:

  • If you are NOT yet living an absurdly abundant, fulfilling human experience …
  • If you don’t have MORE than enough money, time, and love in your life …
  • If you are struggling in spite of working so hard on your own growth and evolution …

… then you are probably not generating the positive karma that would allow you to truly express your Divine potential into your human experience.

I have already lost 10 pounds towards my "intention" of losing a total of 30 lbs. of body fat in 8 weeks... I am amazed!   I couldn't do this before!  I am truly in charge of my LIFE...not a helpless leaf blowing around in the winds of time; I feel so EMPOWERED....wish I'd known this info when I was much younger!

Rio Ke'alii Martell

I have manifested my financial goal and achieved it within 2 weeks. I feel so much more empowered. It was eye opening to see how everything is inter related and how it filters into so many areas of our lives.  I know this program will impact every area of my life.

Salma Ghuznavi

Your Soul did not incarnate just so it could pay the bills, experience joy only on the weekends, engage in un-fulfilling relationships, or deal with aches and pains or even chronic illness.

The spiritual Truth is that you are a Divine Being, here to experience your Divinity within your humanity.

So why would you ever be willing to settle for less than a Divine human experience?

Abundance is part of your Divine nature … all you have to do is CHOOSE IT within your humanity.

The key to you most abundant human experience is

While it’s not exactly hard to change your karmic patterns, stepping into karmic mastery will require you to operate very differently from what you are used to.

Here’s what you MUST bring to the table, if you want to consciously and purposefully craft your karma to create the life you want:

  • You recognize that you alone are the powerful Creator of your experience, and you are willing to take 100% responsibility for every single circumstance in your life.
  • You realize that new action and a little effort will be required of you, if you want to consciously craft the karmic patterns that attract your desired circumstances into your life.
  • You are willing to step outside of your comfort zone so that you may create extraordinary results.
Shivany Gonell

I have set the intention to make $5,000 this month. I have set this intention many times, always falling short. The month is not quite finished and I have made already $6,000 quite effortlessly! I am overjoyed! Something has shifted in me, I know now without doubt that I can create what I want, and do so joyfully!

Shivany Gonell
Jennifer Currie

I love this class so much! It's the best information I've ever received on HOW to create empowered boundaries. Implementing the wisdom from Karmic Mastery is transforming my relationships, finances and health in a positive way because now I know the most important aspect to be conscious of in all my actions. It's like the missing piece of the puzzle has finally been found. Thank you Andrrea!

Jennifer Currie

Here’s the work we’ll do together:

Module One: Karmic Pattern Recognition

In this first module, you’ll learn the underlying rule by which all karma operates - and no, it’s not as simple as “what you put out there is what you get back.” You will probably realize within the first half hour of content why a great many circumstances that you do not want are showing up for you!

We will also talk about karmic timing and how karma created in a past life affects us in our lives today.  You’ll find out how to develop the most essential skill you’ll need for Karmic Mastery, and how to stop your mind and ego from getting in the way of this work.

Module Two: Karmic Boundaries

In this module, we’ll examine the ultimate equation that allows you to powerfully create your karma and your human experience. We’ll discuss in detail what we are and are NOT responsible for within our relationships, and how to shift our karma while maintaining responsibility for the agreements we have with others.

You’ll also learn how to accurately discern which of your choices attracts negative experiences with other people into your life, and how to eliminate these experiences once and for all.

Module Three: Shifting Your Karmic Patterns

In this module, you’ll learn how to specifically shift your karmic patterns to attract the reality you want for yourself! You’ll learn how to build on the skills you developed in Module One to start consciously and purposefully stepping into karmic mastery.

We’ll also discuss what to expect as you transition between karmic patterns, and what to do if you get stuck!  This module is designed to shift your level of thinking completely as you tune into your personal karmic operating system.

Module Four: Shifting Your Money Karma

Because there’s nothing Divine about struggling to pay the mortgage, cultivating financial abundance is an integral part of living as a Divine Being in your human experience!

In this module, we’ll discuss how to shift your personal relationship with money and cover some of the most prevalent karmic patterns that create financial disempowerment.

You’ll learn about the essence of creating income, as well as how to hone in on your financial intention so that you can shift your karmic patterns to attract more money into your life. You’ll also learn what specific actions and choices will take you into your next level of financial abundance - a process you’ll be able to repeat again and again as you grow your income.

Module Five: Shifting Your Relationship Karma

In this module, you’ll learn how to shift your karmic patterns so that you alter the quality of your relationships - with family members, partners, friends, your kids, or even your co-workers.

We will talk about how to set appropriate relationship intentions and the essence of what allows us to attract the experience we want within our interactions with other people.

You’ll learn about the three different kinds of choices that govern our relationship karma and how to address each in the context of your intention. We’ll also discuss how your children are affected when you shift your karmic patterns. Finally, we will address how to most effectively attract a new relationship through karmic mastery.

Module Six: Karmic Mastery For Health & Well-Being

In this final module, we will talk about how karmic mastery can dramatically improve your health and well-being. We will discuss about the underlying karmic and energetic implications of disease, how to uncover the karmic patterns that are influencing your health, and how to shift these patterns so that your body can heal.

We will also address how to use karmic mastery to shift any unhealthy habits that may be sabotaging our health and well-being.

Katy DeBra

I already experienced immediate positive shifts in my relationships.  I am taking swift action in new areas that I have dreamed of doing for so long and not pursued. I have finally identified the deep inner conflicts I was feeling toward it by focusing on the energetic qualities of my actions and consequences. I am finally finishing artwork and opening an online store for it. I am raising my prices. It's hard to describe how GREAT this feels.

Katy DeBra
Tania Barker

The possibilities are endless. I feel closer to my kids and my husband. More importantly I now have a more compassionate relationship with myself. I feel more empowered to make choices from a space of freedom instead of obligation and limitation.

I've been going around in circles with all the personal development work creating variations of the same results but not really getting anywhere.  I now know how to manifest new results! Thank you.

Tania Barker
Rebecca Kirson

I'm booking a lot of readings as I move into more and more abundance!  This work will increase my conscious awareness for all areas! It will impact finances, relationships and health in very powerful ways by shifting out of obligation and into desirable results!

Rebecca Kirson

All modules will be delivered via video and downloadable MP3 files in our online members area.

You will receive the first two modules immediately after you register.  The remaining modules will become available eight days later.

While we may justify struggle and hardship as being some sort of “lesson” that we have to learn … the sad Truth is that calling something a “lesson” is simply a nice, spiritual way of saying that we just don’t understand WHY certain consequences are showing up for us.

And yet ...

There is a Divine Order to everything in our world.  The circumstances that show up in our lives are no different.

Karma is the organizational principle that governs everything we attract.

Karma is not only perfectly in Divine Order, it is also entirely PREDICTABLE.

What if you never had to worry about getting smacked down by unexpected drama or financial difficulties?

What if you felt totally SAFE, knowing that you are not going to attract anything unwanted into your experience?

Once you understand the way karma operates AND discover your personal rules by which you create both positive and negative karma … then you can consciously craft the reality of your choosing.

Just imagine being able to attract ONLY the consequences you want.

Your Investment: $497

All program modules will be delivered via video and downloadable MP3 files in our online members area.  You will receive the first two modules immediately after you register. The remaining modules will become available eight days later.

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My Reassuring Money Back Guarantee

Not quite sure?  You have seven days to dive into the first two video modules of the Karmic Mastery program.  If you decide that this program is going to require you to step too far out of your comfort zone or that you're simply not committed enough to living your Divinity within your humanity, then simply request your full refund before the rest of the video modules are made available to you.  I'll happily give you your money back!  Beyond the seven days after you register, I will assume that you are committed to the process.  Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request beyond the seven-day refund period.

You will also receive the following BONUSES when you register TODAY!

Bonus One: A Karmic Clearing Meditation

There is no way to energetically "clear" karma ... changing our karma is something we DO.  However, energy clearing can certainly SUPPORT the practical work you are doing throughout this program!  This meditation process will assist you in shifting karmic patterns at an energetic level, to make shifting your karmic patterns at the physical level easier.

Bonus Two: Two Q&A Call Recordings (MP3 Downloads)

When I beta-tested this program, I actually did some "live" Q&A with participants ... and I think you'll really benefit from hearing more on how to put this work into action!  This bonus consists of recordings of two past Q&A calls, delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

Your Investment: $497

All program modules will be delivered via video and downloadable MP3 files in our online members area.  You will receive the first two modules immediately after you register. The remaining modules will become available eight days later.

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