Are You Ready To Uncover the Soul's
Manifesting Blueprint?

Join Me For This New Soul Realignment Program!

I'm so excited to offer this incredibly valuable, practical, and accurate new way of accessing information about the specific nature of the human Soul!

In this program, you will learn about a whole different aspect of the Soul profile.  And while you'll still be accessing information through the Records, you'll actually be reading the Soul’s 7th-dimensional aspect ... because that’s where the Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint is held.

Welcome to ...

The Manifesting Blueprint

A powerful new training designed to help you understand exactly how the Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience.

You already know how powerfully transformational it is to help people understand who they are at Soul-level, and to help them make new choices that align to their Divinity.

Now, we're taking this work to yet another level ...

We Are, After All, Here To Express Our Divinity Into Our Humanity. And There’s Nothing Divine About Not Being Able To Create What We Want, Or Tolerating Any Kind Of Lack!

This program has been ground-breaking. I feel that I am more myself every day and that I am taking actions that are truly congruent to my soul and to what I want to create.  It is already helping my clients!  I LOVE presenting this information to them.  They feel heard and they are receiving guidance and collaborating with me on an action-plan that makes complete sense for them. The long-term clients of mine who ARE living into their Blueprint have created beautiful results in their relationships, health, and careers!

Lauren Wyatt
Lauren Wyatt Bee Loving bee Wise

AMAZING. This program totally explained to me some of the "mysteries" of how I've actually manifested things in the past, and I now have a clear path forward of how to create what I want when I want it in my business!  It will bring a whole new level of effectiveness with my business coaching clients - I did my first reading with a client yesterday, and it blew her away - also will help both of us in creating plans for creating what she wants moving forward I discovered I had been coaching her in the "wrong" way in a couple of areas!

Debbie Delgado
Debbie Delgado The Entrepreneur Launcher

Enrollment Is Now Closed

All lessons will be made available on video in our members area!  There will also be downloadable audio-only versions of each video lesson as well as written notes in downloadable PDF format.

Here's Exactly What We'll Cover In This Program:

Lesson One: Core Manifesting Concepts & Attunement to the 7th Dimensional Aspect

In this first week, you'll receive an attunement specifically designed to help you accurately access the 7th-dimensional aspect of the Divine Soul Blueprint.

We will also cover the concepts underlying our new frame of reference, as well as the creative process of the Soul and how our vital force energy translates into our human experience, and the role our physicality plays in the manifesting process.

Lesson Two:  Reading The Blueprint & The First Aspect Of The Soul's Manifesting Blueprint

In this lesson, we'll talk first of all about how our clients (and we ourselves) may hinder our manifesting process.  You'll learn exactly what the Manifesting Blueprint consists of and receive an overall understanding of how this frame of reference works, as well as our basic reading protocol.

We'll then dive into the first aspect of the Manifesting Blueprint, through which we ascertain exactly how the client is designed to experience their Divinity in relationship to other people and their environment.

Lesson Three:  The Second & Third Aspect Of The Soul's Manifesting Blueprint

In this lesson, you'll learn exactly what motivates your client within their manifesting process ... and what will keep them motivated as they move forward!

These aspects of the Manifesting Blueprint also tells us a LOT about why clients may self-sabotage just before they manifest their desired outcome - and how we as Practitioners can help them move all the way through completion more effectively, based on who they are at Soul-level.  You'll also learn whether your client must focus on action or interaction within their manifesting process.

Lesson Four:  The Fourth Aspect Of The Soul's Manifesting Blueprint

This aspect of the Manifesting Blueprint is all about exactly HOW we are designed, at Soul-level, to shift from one vibrational state to another so that new circumstances can manifest themselves into our experience!

You'll learn how different clients must address differing spectrums of their vibrational state and what actually causes them to shift past their vibrational "tipping point" and towards new results.

Lesson Five:  The Fifth Aspect Of The Soul's Manifesting Blueprint

In this lesson, you'll learn exactly how the Soul uses "vibrational building blocks" to move into a new vibrational state ... or, depending on who your client is at Soul-level, uses a different process altogether.

This aspect of the Blueprint is very much about how we determine what vibrational state to shift into, and how we are best designed to create our intended outcomes using two very different approaches to the manifesting process.

Lesson Six:  The Sixth & Seventh Aspect Of The Soul's Manifesting Blueprint

The sixth aspect of the Manifesting Blueprint is all about how (and IF!) our external environment - and other people - affect our manifesting process, and how this can serve us or hinder us!  The seventh aspect of the Manifesting Blueprint is how we select the vibrational states we want to shift towards.

Together, these two final aspects of the Manifesting Blueprint round out this comprehensive frame of reference!

Lesson Seven:  Presenting The Manifesting Blueprint

In this lesson, you'll learn how to present a basic Manifesting Blueprint reading ... but we don't stop there!

You'll also learn how to structure a variety of different readings based on this frame of reference, as well as how you might integrate some of this work into your existing readings.  Finally, we discuss how the Manifesting Blueprint may serve as the basis for working with clients in a more ongoing way.

I had so many insights and a-has to apply to both my life and my business. Each week, as you rolled out the comparatives, I saw them at work in my life and where they were working against me in how I was doing and being. I have been able to use this very practically and also have a great frame of reference for working with others.

I am able to understand the unique and complex matrix of each of us at a Soul Level and really look much deeper at my clients as I am working with them. I am already able to identify ways these things are at play in their lives, and it helps me help them.

Michelle Barr
Michelle Barr

Enrollment Is Now Closed

But We're Also Getting Together "Live" ...

While the video modules explain all aspects of the Manifesting Blueprint, I want to give you as many "real life" examples of how we can give our clients actionable, practical information and "translate" their Blueprint into an action plan for them!

That's why we'll be meeting "live" on the telephone (or webcast, if you prefer!) for three group coaching calls!

Our calls are scheduled as follows:

Monday, August 29th at 9 a.m. Pacific / Noon Eastern

Thursday September 8th at 8 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Eastern

Monday, September 26th at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern



During these calls, we'll actually use YOUR Manifesting Blueprint and intended outcomes as example case studies so that you can listen to as many practical applications of this work as possible.  And of course, I'm happy to answer your questions as well!

I'm leaving some time before our final call, so that you can begin doing this work with your clients before our last meeting.

As always, all calls will be recorded for you.  Calls may be accessed via phone or webcast.

The goal of this work is to create a highly PRACTICAL and very grounded perspective on translating our Soul's design for creation into every aspect of our lives.

This work is for Practitioners and clients who want to EMBRACE the human experience as the Soul's chosen playground for Divine self-expression.  Living our Divinity means that we cannot ignore essential creative aspects of our humanity, such as money and sexuality.  After all, our Soul chose THIS experience.  To call any aspect of it "un-spiritual" is to negative the Soul's choice to be here!

You will discover detailed information such as:

  • How interaction with others can serve or hinder us, depending on our design for manifesting.
  • Our exact "change process" when we want to manifest new results into our experience.
  • How we self-sabotage by using the wrong motivation to move forward towards our goals, depending on our Manifesting Blueprint.
  • How certain societal principles present a direct opposition to how some of us are designed to manifest our experience.

Please Note: We're Not "Clearing" The Manifesting Blueprint In This Work.

The blueprint itself is already perfect. (I'll explain why in our first class!)

We will talk about how to help our clients use their Manifesting Blueprint to comprehensively and consciously structure their manifesting process in order to create results that are congruent to their Divine nature.

Exciting! I am able to bring my clients an absolute of who they are and how to bring their potential and power into manifesting. It has been a relief for them understanding that we are not all created equal and why certain things would not bring forth the results they were wanting. Several of my clients have now stepped into their desires - purchasing a vehicle, having elective surgery, letting go of stressful situations...

This class presented a new way to see things - and really shone the light of what was off and took me at moments out of my comfort zone. It has drastically changed my life and with that has helped me to assist my clients in changing theirs. It has brought clarity, fear, change and prosperity. I wouldn't take it back for a second!

Sharon Renae
Sharon Renae

What If You Had Precise, Specific Information On How The Soul Manifests Its Human Experience?

Our Manifesting Blueprint holds this information. But, as always, with greater consciousness comes greater power AND greater responsibility! In other words ... do not embark on this program if you want your life to stay exactly the same ...

This Program Is For You If ...

  • You want to give your clients a grounded, practical roadmap to help them create more of what they want.
  • You want a deeper understanding of each Soul's unique process for manifestation.
  • You are frustrated by spiritual escapism and want to help your clients embrace their human experience.
  • You want to shift your thinking beyond the limitations that we all grow up with in our society - and help your clients do the same.
  • You want more insight into creating the human experience you desire for yourself, so that you can be a role model for what is possible for us!

All content will be delivered as video lessons in our members area.

You may also download the audio-only version of each video lesson, if you prefer to listen rather than watch.  Each lesson also includes written notes, delivered as a downloadable PDF document.

You will receive access to the first two lessons as soon as you register.  You will receive all remaining lessons over the course of the next ten days.

The information has been amazingly useful. I have increased my amount of overall clients, as well as tweaked my business in several ways, which seems to have had a positive effect so far. It has enabled me to really tailor my approach and marketing to be more successful than before.  And most of all it has given me the confirmation of how I best manifest what I want, This really works and is so accurate. I can see this now I have put it into practice. I have felt so much more comfortable being me and doing what I do best, knowing that it's how I uniquely powerfully create MY experience, and it's an amazing feeling to have confirmation of that in practical terms and a good guideline that I can work with to get the best from myself.

Wendy-Louise Jones
Wendy-Louise Jones The Complete Being

SPECIAL BONUS!!  Your OWN Manifesting Blueprint

As a special "THANK YOU" for joining me in this Soul Realignment program, I will personally create your Soul's Manifesting Blueprint!  Your Blueprint will be delivered to you as a written report via email within two weeks of your registration, so that as we go through each aspect of the Blueprint, you'll know exactly how YOU are designed to manifesting your experience!

We'll be using your Manifesting Blueprint as the basis for our group coaching call discussions!

It has been amazing. It is proving invaluable with my health mentoring clients. I am finding that it is really helping to get to the deep core issue much more quickly. It is going in my tool box as a must for every client. Even if I do not share the information from the blueprint with them it helps me to guide the session because I can see where they are not in alignment. You are brilliant!

Debbie Barcon
Debbie Barcon Manifest Health Now

It's All About Grounding Our Divinity Into Our Humanity ... So That We Can Be The Bridge Between Heaven And Earth!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's my reassuring money-back guarantee for you. You have five days to evaluate the first two lessons of this course. If you feel that this program isn't a good fit for you, no problem! Simply let me know within five days of your purchase.  I'll refund your investment, no questions asked.  Beyond the five-day refund period, you will be fully committed to this program.  Non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request.

Enrollment Is Now Closed

  • Learn To Read The Manifesting Blueprint

  • Uncover Clients' Misalignments To Their Blueprint

  • Give Clients Actionable "Homework" So That They Can Put Their Blueprint To Work In Their Lives.

  • Accelerate Your Own Manifesting Abilities!

Here's What You Get When You Enroll In "The Soul Manifesting Blueprint" Today:

  • Access to seven video-based lessons in our online members area.
  • Audio-only versions of the video content, downloadable as MP3 files.
  • Downloadable written summaries of all lessons, delivered as PDF documents.
  • Your Own Personal Soul Manifesting Blueprint, delivered as a written report via email within two weeks of purchase.
  • Three Group Coaching calls, dedicated to helping you translate the Blueprint into an actionable and practical format.
  • Recordings of all coaching calls, delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

Have A Question...??

  • Q.When are the group coaching calls held?

    A.Our group coaching calls for this class will be held as follows:

    Monday, August 29th at 9 a.m. Pacific / Noon Eastern


    Thursday September 8th at 8 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Eastern


    Monday, September 26th at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern


    All calls will be recorded for you.

  • Q.Is any of this content covered in other levels of Soul Realignment?

    A.No, this is a different frame of reference than what you'll find in other levels of Soul Realignment trainings!  Even if you've studied Levels Two and Three, this will be new content for you.

  • Q.What are the prerequisites for this class?

    A.Enrollment in the Certification program is a pre-requisite for this course ... although if you haven't quite finished your Certification, it's okay to take this training, as long as you don't get yourself overwhelmed.

  • Q.Will I be getting a reading from you?

    A.I will be reading your Manifesting Blueprint for you as your bonus.  Please note, however, that we are not personally getting together on the phone for a traditional reading delivery.  We will email you your Manifesting Blueprint as a PDF and we can discuss how to apply it during the coaching calls.