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What is it like to work as a Soul Realignment™ Practitioner?

Our Practitioners work with clients both in person and on the telephone. Very experienced Practitioners can even offer readings via e-mail, although this option is not recommended for the first year of practice. Because our work is energy-based, Practitioners are able to accurately and effectively work with clients anywhere, regardless of physical location. This means that you may well build an international practice that spans the globe!

When will I be able to work with paying clients as a Soul Realignent™ Practitioner?

You will be able to offer professional-level, accurate readings and realignent work as soon as you finish the Level One training. The course is highly structured and comprehensive, and the one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to give you the confidence you need to embark on your new career path. Whether you are planning on starting a brand-new business or want to incorporate this work into your existing healing arts practice, you will be ready to work with paying clients when you complete the Level One course.

What can I expect to charge for a session?

Most beginning Soul Realignment™ Practitioners charge anywhere from $95 to $150 (USD) for the hour-long sessions covered in Level One. Advanced Practitioners may charge up to $225 (USD) an hour.

Where will I find clients?

Level One requires you to ask five of your friends or associates to be "guinea pigs" for your work. Often, your initial clientele will be generated through referrals from those five "practice clients." Because this work is so powerful and effective, most Practitioners grow their business through word of mouth.

Will I need a website?

Most likely, yes. Because you can work with clients anywhere, having the ability to take payments online is very important. Don't worry if you have no experience building a website! We offer an inexpensive Practitioner Website Solution that allows you to have a fully functioning web presence within a few days. You will even receive instruction in how to easily edit your new website, so that you don't have to rely on (and constantly pay!) someone else to do this for you.

What kind of support can I expect as a Soul Realignment™ Practitioner?

All Practitioners are invited to participate in monthly teleclasses - for free. We also have an active online discussion forum where you can interact and network with other Practitioners. There is an archive of past teleclasses that you can access in the memberes-area of this website, as well as a whole arsenal of business and technical resources. You may also advertise your own business by writing articles and testimonials for our newsletter, or by announcing your events.

Finally, you can create a substantial stream of passive income through our affiliate program. Practitioners receive 40% commission on all referrals to our training programs.


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