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Akashic Records Secrets

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>Secrets of your Soul's origination, and how this affects us every day.

>The Truth behind negativity, blocks, and restrictions within the Akashic Records.

>How to effectively "clear" your Akashic Records.

Are you ready to access the wealth of wisdom that lies just beyond the edge of your consciousness?


Are you ready to step into the fullness of your spiritual potential and intuitive abilities?


Most spiritual seekers are aware of themselves as a spiritual Being. But few spiritual seekers really understand the human Soul.


Each Soul is a unique individuation of the Divine.


Each Soul has its own Gifts and ways of manifesting its human experience.


Our Soul is the key to unlocking our spiritual potential.

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Soul Realignment® is an intuitive healing modality utilizing the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns held at Soul-level.


What makes Soul Realignment® different?


It’s not just about gathering spiritual information or knowledge or understanding.  Soul Realignment® is about truly LIVING our Soul’s identity in very real, practical ways so that we may ground who we are as Divine Beings into our human experience!


It’s about experiencing yourself, at the level of your every day life, as the spiritual Being that you are, and harnessing the power of your intuitive and manifesting abilities as you create the life you want, based on your Divine Gifts and who you are, at Soul-level.

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Learn how to leverage the full potential of the Akashic Records and catapult your consciousness and intuitive abilities into new levels of awareness.

Shift Your Personal Karma With Karmic Mastery

Discover how you can shift what you attract, quickly and predictably, by changing your personal karmic patterns into alignment with the life you want.

Free Video Training: Akashic Records Secrets

Discover the secrets of your Soul’s origination, the Truth behind negativity, and how to effectively “clear” your Akashic Records.