What It Takes to Read The Akashic Records Professionally

What It Takes to Read The Akashic Records Professionally

A surprising number of spiritual seekers uphold the perspective that the Akashic Records can’t be accessed by most people. I frequently see comments on social media, stating that the Akashic Records can only be accessed by “Ascended Masters” or someone who is “enlightened.”

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

In reality, each and every one of us is already connected to the Akashic Records! Each of our Souls has its own Akashic Record … so if you have a Soul (and you most certainly do!!) then you are already a part of the giant energetic database that are the Records.

This means access is absolutely available – just because you have a Soul.

But what about being “ready” to access the Records?

Here’s how you know you are “ready” to dive into the spiritual resource that are the Akashic Records:

  • You have awareness that the Akashic Records exist. Let’s face it, most people have never even heard of the Akashic Records at all. In fact, people will never have awareness of the existence of the Records within their current lifetime. But if awareness of the Akashic Records has entered your consciousness (perhaps even via this post), this means that you are most certainly ready to access them.
  • You have the desire to read them in order to promote consciousness on our planet and serve others as well as your own spiritual development. Sure, lots of people want to access the Records only for themeselves, simply out of curiosity. But curiosity is an egoic phenomenon. And here’s the real secret behind why the Akashic Records are seemingly unaccessible: They always reflect our intention back to us. If you enter the Records out of curiosity, then you will end up receiving nothing but incomplete or haphazard pieces of information that create even more curiosity – but absolutely nothing that is actionable or practical

If you have awareness of the Akashic Records, and the desire to access them in order to serve not just yourself but also others … then you are definitely ready to do so!

But availability and readiness are NOT enough.

While, as spiritual Beings, we all have the inherent ability to access the Records, we are also at this time incarnated!

Our Souls may know and understand the Akashic Records, because they are woven into the fabric of our spiritual nature.

Our minds, on the other hand … well, our minds need actual TRAINING.

And no, picking up a fifteen dollar book from Amazon is not going to give you enough training to quality you to read for others, especially if you wish to do so professionally. I know this, because I get many, many emails from spiritual seekers who are heartbroken that they can’t seem to access the Akashic Records. They think this resource isn’t available to them … when in reality, they simply lack the proper training needed to read the Records accurately.

Here’s the thing about the Akashic Records: You need to know exactly what you are looking for. If you simply “open up” to the Records without a specific focus that pinpoints exactly the information you want … well, all you get is vague, generalized information that could apply to pretty much anyone.

This is, unfortunately, the experience most clients have when they go for a “Akashic Records reading” – the information just isn’t very specific.

That’s why Soul Realignment is a highly organized frame of reference that serves to only access highly specific, practical and actionable information from the Records, so that a reading has actual transformational value for our clients.

You already have the inherent ability to access the Records, as the spiritual and Divine Being that is your Soul. If you also have the awareness and the desire to access the Akashic Records to serve others in expanding their consciousness, then you are ready to do so. But just as you wouldn’t want your surgeon to have a degree from an online college, we must be willing to engage in professional-level training if we are to responsibly and accurately serve our clients through our readings.