The Mental Mechanics Of Akashic Records Accuracy

The Mental Mechanics Of Akashic Records Accuracy

Have you ever played a word search game? It’s a simple but entertaining game – we’re given a list of words to find within a grid of seemingly random letters. The most effective way to play is to look for distinctive letter combinations within the grid. For example, if we are supposed to find the word “lettuce,” then we might start by searching the grid of letters for two “t’s” adjoining each other.

What does this have to do with the Akashic Records?

A lot, actually!

The Akashic Records are an energetic database. Just like a word search game appears like a large grid of random letters at first glance, the Akashic Records are a vast array of vibrational information, containing the entire history of our Soul.

Luckily, everything is energy! And while energy exists at varying levels of density throughout the dimensions of our existence, the energetic frequencies across these dimensions remain the same.

Here’s how we, from our incarnated state, actually obtain information from the Akashic Records:

At the mental level, we uphold a specific concept or thought pattern. Because thoughts are, of course, just vibration and energy, whatever concept we uphold within our minds will resonate to a specific frequency.

Going back to our word search analogy, this is the equivalent of looking for the word “lettuce,” which is made up of a very specific combination of letters!

When we now access the Akashic Records, we compare the energetic frequency of this thought pattern to see if we can find that same, specific energetic frequency at the dimensional level of the Record.

This is the equivalent of scanning through the letter grid in a word search game, to see if we can find the word “lettuce.”

Because we’ve focused our intent and know what we’re looking for, if our mental concept is present within the Record, it will jump right out at us … just like the word “lettuce” might suddenly become really obvious within a word search game, once you know what you’re looking for!

When we read the Records, we’re constantly comparing the energetic frequencies of our mental framework to those contained within the Akashic Records, to see what is present – or not.

Problems arise when we have no idea what we’re looking for, or when we’re working with vague and ill-defined mental concepts and ideas.

Imagine how difficult a word search game would be if, instead of looking for “lettuce,” the instructions just tell you to look for a vegetable. Or worse … that you’re looking for “something green.” That word search game would go from simple and entertaining to almost impossible! In fact, we would spend a lot of time trying to string letters together that end up having no meaning at all.

It’s no different with the Akashic Records.

The more clearly we comprehend exactly what we’re looking for at the mental level, the more specifically we can hone in on those specific frequencies within the Akashic Records, or determine that they are not present.

It’s not enough for our minds to just have a random naming of a concept – like “Soul group” or “energy center” or “contract.” Just the name of a concept doesn’t specify its energetic frequencies.

Instead, it’s our thorough and logical mental understanding of the concept that allows us to hone in on its specific frequency.

Not only do we have to know what, specifically, an “energy center” is and be able to define it logically, we also need to know what available frequencies make up the definition of the various “energy centers” so we can know which apply to a specific Soul.

This is really what the modality of Soul Realignment is about. Accessing the Akashic Records is relatively easy. But obtaining any useful information reliably, quickly and accurately requires a comprehensive set of mental concepts that deeply satisfy our minds. Our minds are made for reason, after all! Without a set of cohesive concepts that hold together logically, we can’t truly hone in on a specific frequency and we get the equivalent of looking for “something green.” And since the Akashic Records are vast, we might come up with all kinds of bits of information, all of which lacks cohesion.

With a well-defined mental framework, our accuracy in the Akashic Records is assured. Without it … well, it’s like trying to do a word search game without knowing what words you’re looking for.