Why Experiencing Oneness Can Still Create Lack

Why Experiencing Oneness Can Still Create Lack

Experiencing Oneness does not mean a complete loss of Self. It does not mean that we somehow merge into the rest of Creation and no longer have our own unique identity.

Consider a tree.

The tree is made up of roots, branches, and leaves, all of which are connected. But each leaf is clearly discernible and separate from all other leaves. Each leaf is unique. And yet, each leaf is part of the wholeness that is the tree.

In fact, we can consider each leaf as being in “oneness” with the tree. And yet, it is not the whole tree. It’s clearly still just one single leaf. And even if the leaf becomes aware of being part of this tree, even if it, though it’s interconnectedness, becomes conscious of each root, each branch, and all the other leaves, so conscious, in fact, that it knows at all times what is happening within each root and each leaf … it will still not become any more or any less than a leaf itself.

It will still hang on its same branch. It will still remain itself. It must still function as a leaf. It may have a larger context for itself as being part of the tree, but it’s still just a single leaf among many other leaves.

Our Soul is like a single leaf on the tree of Creation, a unique, individuated expression of the Divine.

We know for sure that this individuation exists, because it is quite obviously reflected here in the physical world as the clearly separate and individual physical bodies we all inhabit. As above, so below … and vice versa.

We can, of course, learn to extend our consciousness to other aspects of the “tree” that is Creation. Via the Akashic Records, for example, we can learn to extend our consciousness to other Souls. This actually helps us experience that we are all connected, while at the same time helping us understand the specific nature of our own Soul in contrast to other Souls. This is one of the greatest benefits of practicing Soul Realignment.

That doesn’t mean we become “one” with other Souls. We are leaves on the same tree, interconnected and nurtured by the same roots. But we are all still unique and individuated expressions of the Divine.

We also never become the whole tree. We are not ALL of the Divine. We are just one way the Divine chose to express itself.

Ideally, the individuated expression of the Divine that is our Soul will express itself fourth-dimensionally as our mind and ego. Third-dimensionally, our Soul will express itself as a physical body. And so, the whole tree that is Creation experiences itself through the individual leaf that is our Soul.

When our bodies and egos are in complete congruence to our Soul’s inherent nature, we can become conscious of the entire “tree” that is Creation.

But we never stop being just a leaf on that tree. We will not become a branch, or a root. We remain a leaf, a singular individuated expression of the Divine.

Problems arise when we gain awareness of the Creation “tree” (or even just a branch or two!) without having full consciousness or a clear understanding of who and what we are, as a single leaf.

These awakening experiences can be profoundly disorienting. We lose ourselves, not because we’ve mystically “merged” into oneness with all of Creation, but because we lack the essential self-knowledge of who we are as an individual Soul. This is how spiritual awakenings and enlightenment experiences can lead to homelessness!

Just because we experience ourselves as part of the whole tree doesn’t mean we’re not still just a leaf. If we stop acting like a leaf and instead self-identify as a branch, or a root, or even as the entire tree, we are acting against our Divine nature. This is the paradox … we can act against our own Divine nature, even as we are intensely aware of our connectedness to the Divine.

The result is always lack … both for us as individual leaves, but also for the entire tree.

Because of course … all is One.