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The Level I course includes the following:

  • All lessons are available as online video modules, for those of you that are visual learners. You receive access to the first three video modules as soon as you enroll.
  • A complete 190-page reference manual.
  • Ongoing email support.
  • Ongoing Q&A support calls twice a month to make sure all your questions are answered.
  • Session sheets and client “homework” assignments
  • Access to the Practitioner discussion board in the Members Area of this site, for even more support.


By the end of this Level One course, you will be able to offer professional-level intuitive readings to paying clients. You will be able to identify yourself as an Certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner and will receive a listing in the Practitioner Directory.

The course includes ongoing email support and live Q&A calls twice monthly. You will also be given access to the Practitioner resource section of our website. The physical course will be shipped to you within about five business days. Because I’m sure you’d like to get started right away, you can also watch and/or download the first three lessons of the course immediately! Further video lessons will be released on a weekly basis.

Once you register, please check your email for how to access your program files. If you don’t receive your access information via email, be sure to check your spam folder.

You will be receiving access to your bonuses throughout the next two weeks!

Your Investment: $997.00 or four monthly payments of $261.50

Level One Curriculum

Once you enroll, you will receive access to the first three lessons of the course IMMEDIATELY. Further lessons are released online weekly, and the entire physical version of the course will be sent to you via mail.

Lesson 1: Spiritual Discernment and Practitioner Guidelines

Learn how to create the appropriate conditions for conducting readings, within yourself and your work space. We will discuss discerning where intuitive information is coming from and the responsibilities involved in relaying this kind of information to others. We’re also going to cover the basics of “how” we receive intuitive information, and how to work throughout this course to ensure your accuracy.

Lesson 2: Akashic Records Attunement and Dowsing Basics

Receive an attunement that allows you entry to the Akashic Records. This alone is usually a highly transformational experience for students! You’ll also program your pendulum and learn the basics of accurate pendulum dowsing so that you can very quickly get started – even with no prior experience whatsoever! You’ll learn how to enter and exit the Records and how to manage your personal energy while you’re doing this work.

Lesson 3: Locating The Soul and Reading the Soul Profile

Learn how to access the records and locate specific Soul records within this vast repository of knowledge. Discover how to determine someone’s Soul status and their alignment with positive and negative energies. You will also learn about the various energetic qualities that make each Soul unique, how these affect our Soul Purpose, and how they are reflected in “real life.”

Lesson 4: Soul Origination

Learn about the Soul groups, positive and negative, currently active on our planet. Learn about how our Soul group of origination is reflected in our every day lives. This is a huge topic that is an essential element of our Soul’s Divine blueprint and our Soul Purpose.

Lesson 5: Understanding Your Intuitive Development Process

It’s imperative that you understand why you’re learning what you’re learning, and how the foundations you’re building that will serve you on your intuitive development path for the rest of your life. This chapter covers the core principles of accuracy and understanding how to manage and develop your intuitive abilities. We’ll talk about what it means to be psychic amongst “normal” people, coming out of the “psychic” or “spiritual” closet, and how to manage energetic and intuitive sensitivities.

Lesson 6: Clearing Soul-Level Blocks and Restrictions – Part One

Learn how to uncover negative blocks and restrictions that we create in our Akashic Records through past-life choices, and how they continue to affect us in present life. You’ll learn exactly how negativity is created in our lives, how to discern this negativity in the Records, and how to clear it.

Lesson 7: Clearing Soul-Level Blocks and Restrictions – Part Two

Yes, there’s more! Because this is perhaps THE most transformational aspect of our work, we’ll dive into further detail on how we can eliminate negativity from our clients’ lives … and our own.

Lesson 8: Putting It All Together

Learn how the various influences within a Soul record interact. This lesson shows you how to discover exactly what choices were made that created the negative blocks and restrictions in the Record. You will learn how a full reading is put together and how to access additional information from the Akashic Record. Examples of various client issues are given, as well as details on how to research these in great depth. This lesson also covers how to present your readings to your clients.

Lesson 9: Property/Object/Situation Clearings

Learn how to clear property and objects of negative influences. Assist your clients in making their homes and work places their sacred space. Property clearings are also very useful in working with realtors, or clients who are selling their homes.

Lesson 10: Clearing the Record

Learn how to clear negative influences from Soul records. Learn what additional support is available to you and your clients. Present “practice readings” to gain clarity and confidence.

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