Partnering With Our Higher Self

Partnering With Our Higher Self

How much do you really trust your Higher Self?

Nothing in this lifetime happens without conscious participation. Our Spirit may guide us, but it’s up to our conscious minds whether to act on guidance or to ignore it completely. Our conscious mind is still the navigator of the third-dimensional plane. We put the impulses from our Higher Self into workable, practical application in this physical world. Without the cooperation of our third-dimensional aspect – our mind, our ego – our Higher Self is unable to evolve itself within this incarnation.

What we really need is a partnership with our Higher Self. It is a partnership that must be founded on deep and radical trust, because our egoic mind will never be able to truly understand how our Higher Self operates. Our Higher Self has a much broader perspective than our little linear mind can encompass. Our Higher Self holds our lesson plan for this lifetime. It is the reason we are incarnated in the first place. And so, because we have to utterly trust this wiser aspect of ourselves, developing this partnership feels like surrender. We have to place our faith into an invisible partner that we don’t fully understand, and trust that all is in our highest good.

But think about this. Our Higher Self has to offer our ego that same deep and radical trust. Our Higher Self cannot take action. It cannot make choices. It can nudge us and guide us and hand us painful lessons, but it cannot “make us” do anything. Imagine being pure Spirit, coming into a human body. Over the next ten to twenty years, what is mostly fostered is our physical, mental, and emotional aspect until we have practically forgotten our initial identity as a spiritual being. Through it all, our Higher Self has to trust that we will remember why we came here to begin with. Our Higher Self has to “surrender” to its own physicality. And it does.

By creating an unconditionally trusting partnership with our Higher Self, we begin re-integrating that which was never separate from us to begin with. Our physical body, our emotions and our mind – none of these would exist without our Higher Self, which connects us to the vital life force we receive from Source. Our Higher Self is our Spirit, our “inspiration” that literally breathes life into our Being. Without a Soul, we die. How can we not trust the very thing that gives us life?

Our Higher Self is also our body, our mind, our emotions. It IS us. It is also the wisest part of who we are. Are we willing to trust its wisdom, its guidance? Or are we going to ignore it, to argue with it because we don’t understand it, to question it because we’re uncertain of the outcome?

Can we be as trusting in our Higher Self as our Higher Self is trusting in its egoic aspect? What would that be like?