Spiritual Assistance: The Fourth Order

Spiritual Assistance: The Fourth Order

In our last article on spiritual assistance, we discussed the Third Order – the transporters of Souls. Now I’d like to introduce the Fourth Order to your “spiritual rolodex,” so that you can draw on more specific spiritual resources through prayer.

The Fourth Order

The Fourth Order assist us with our life lessons. When we transition out of this lifetime, it is the Fourth Order that helps us to review what we’ve learned and accomplished during our incarnation. We check off some lessons, while deciding to continue to work on others. Before incarnation, it is the Fourth Order that assists us in planning our “curriculum” or lesson plan for this lifetime.

When Can The Fourth Order Help You?

When the same theme or events occur, over and over again. Maybe the same topic of conversation keeps coming up with a variety of people. Or, no matter what you do, every single one of your projects keeps getting delayed. Perhaps you meet three new people who are all in the same line of work.

The Universe is trying to tell you something … obviously you’re attracting similar experiences over and over again for good reason. If you can’t figure out the message, call upon the Fourth Order to inspire you with understanding of the lesson that is presenting itself, right now.

When we need meaning to heal and move forward out of difficult times. Sometimes the Universe lovingly but painfully hits us over the head with a big stick. We weren’t paying attention to the smaller, subtle messages we’ve been getting for years, so we needed the big wake-up call. These lessons can feel as if the rug is pulled out from underneath us and our whole world falls apart. We can easily go into survival mode and anger that such events would happen “to” us. Understanding the lessons behind tumultuous life events can help us move forward into a place of greater healing, self-acceptance and faith as we rebuild a reality that truly serves us.

When we decide that there’s a lesson we need to learn – and ask for it! Last month, I was dealing with a challenging personal situation, and I asked to be taught “detachment.” The Fourth Order certainly was listening! Over the course of the next two weeks, I experienced a lot of loss – loss of a relationship, of money, even my dowsing pendulum disappeared for a few days. It took me a while to figure out that, even with all this loss, I could still choose to be happy. Once I had reset my state of Being to happiness, regardless of my circumstances, I had a big “a-ha” moment – I had learned “detachment.” My pendulum reappeared, and so did the money, and I began healing from the loss of the relationship. It was not an easy lesson, but certainly a worthwhile one!

Spiritual growth and learning is the whole point of our incarnation. The Fourth Order can give us insight into the lessons we are experiencing, so that we can make more rapid progress on our path of spiritual evolution.