Being Our Higher Self

Being Our Higher Self

In developing our intuition, we expand our awareness to receive information and guidance from our Higher Self. But there’s another level of consciousness that develops as we do intuitive work. Rather than simply “connecting” to our Higher Self, we develop the experience of “being” our Higher Self. We no longer need to actively connect because our Higher Self is right here, along with our mind and our body. When we experience this state, intuitive guidance is no longer information that enters our mind, to be mulled over and decided on. Guidance becomes immediate action as our Higher Self moves through our physical form to express itself.

We’ve all experienced this level of connection, even if only for brief moments in our lives. They are the moments when the mind is quiet and relaxed. A whisper of an impulse meets no resistance, no need for a “reason.” Intuitive guidance is translated into immediate action. There is no attachment to any outcome, because the mind hasn’t had time to think of one. Often, these are the small actions that yield amazing results, through seeming coincidence, good timing, or “luck.”

Developing our intuition is about training the mind to step into partnership with our Higher Self. The mind learns to stop reaching for what it cannot possibly know, and allows the wisdom of the Higher Self direct our actions when appropriate. When our mind softens into this partnership, we feel a state of “flow.” We are present, relaxed, and feel utterly supported.

Our Higher Self is ready for this level of interaction with us. We need only invite our Higher Self in, over and over again, until the mind recognizes that it is not being subverted or pushed aside. When the mind relaxes into the source of our inner wisdom, we can begin consciously experiencing ourselves as our Higher Self.