Intuition and Forgetfulness

Intuition and Forgetfulness

One of the trickiest things about intuitive inspiration is that the information is so easily forgotten! We might be in our car on our way to work. Our mind is relaxed into that semi-meditative state that sometimes happens when we drive along a familiar route. And then the brilliant idea comes to us – a solution to a problem, or a new project that takes our career to the next level. We feel inspired until we get to work. Then we happily get on with the business of life. By the end of our day, we remember that we had a brilliant idea … but what the heck was it?

There are two reasons why intuitive information is so very forgettable.

The first is that intuition cannot interfere with our free will. Intuitive information, when it pops into our minds, is always non-compelling. There is no sense of urgency or need. Intuitive information is always just a suggestion. We can take it, or we can leave it. In this way, it does not interfere with our ability to make a conscious choice. However, that non-compelling energy also makes intuitive information easily forgettable. Our minds are preoccupied with everything we have to do, want to do, and “should” do. The subtle suggestions of our intuition are often pushed aside by our busy minds.

The second reason is that the mind itself is frequently not on our side when it comes to intuitive development. Our mind likes to be in charge, to run the show and make our choices. Intuitively inspired ideas often take us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. After all, that’s where growth occurs. Your mind, on the other hand, likes to stay within what it knows. It does not want our Higher Self to take charge. And so the mind, in an act of self-assertion, will frequently play its favorite trick – forgetfulness.

There is, of course, a simple trick to capturing intuitive inspiration – write it down! If you often receive inspiration while driving, you might also want to put a small voice recorder in your car. Don’t be surprised, though, if you find yourself forgetting to look at your notes, or listen to what you recorded. The mind will create forgetfulness and distraction whenever it can! With a little discipline, however, you can create a new habit of noting intuitive inspiration as soon as it occurs.