Spiritual Assistance: The Third Order

Spiritual Assistance: The Third Order

There is so much spiritual assistance available to us for the asking. The problem is, most of us have no idea whom to ask for help, given a specific set of circumstances. What we need is a spiritual rolodex of sorts – who to call and for what issue.

One of the least well-known groups that can lend assistance is the Third Order. They are the transporters of Souls. They usher Souls into the physical body at birth and also assist our transition upon death. Just as importantly, they are the Order to call upon when we wish to bind and remove negative entities. We can also ask the Third Order for assistance on behalf of Earthbound Spirits who are stuck in the Earth plane.

When can the Third Order help you?

1. When things go bump in the night – or by day, for that matter. Lots of us have attaching entities and Earthbound Spirits in our homes and workplaces. If odd things are happening in your space, you can ask the Third Order to bind and remove any entities and Souls that are interfering with your free will within your property. Ask the Third Order to escort all interfering Beings to the astral plane justly earned – that way, you are actually assisting Earthbound Spirits in transitioning properly beyond the veil.

2. When you feel the presence of departed loved ones or other Spirits. It’s normal for the Souls of our departed loved ones to check in on us occasionally. It’s also normal to feel them around us for the first week or so after their transition. What is not normal is to sense your loved one around you “all the time” within a few months of their physical death. Souls can and do get trapped in the Earth plane – they are attached to physical life and once stuck, cannot complete their transition. While it may be comforting to you to have them around, it also means that their Soul cannot move forward on its journey. The most loving thing we can do for any Soul that is Earthbound is to call upon the Third Order to help these Souls transition appropriately. Similarly, if you “see dead people” these Souls are asking you for assistance – help them out! Once a Soul is Earthbound, it cannot help itself. Most apparitions are an appeal for assistance. The Third Order are, essentially, the “ghost busters” of the spiritual realm.

3. When you or your loved ones are about to transition. Whether you are bringing a Soul into the world, or a Soul is departing this physical plane, we can ask the Third Order for blessing and protection of the transition. Difficulties in transition at birth can result in later issues such as autism, which is almost always related to a failure of integration between Soul and physical body. Difficulties in transition at death can lead to a Soul becoming Earthbound or attaching itself to another Soul.

The Third Order can intercede on our behalf in any case that involves a Soul moving from one dimensional plane to another. We can ask the Third Order to assist us, or send them to assist a loved one. We can even ask the Third Order to intercede on behalf of Earthbound Spirits that have managed to get our attention. Make a prayer request to this group in any way that is comfortable for you, and you will receive their direct assistance.