Intuition and Miracles

Intuition and Miracles

Once we’ve gotten into the habit of asking for guidance, the next step is staying open to receiving answers! Just recently I spoke with a client who had asked his Guides for assistance in expanding his business. In the same conversation, he also told me he’d been approached by a service that would allow him to take his business online. It never occurred to him that this phone call might be an answer from his Spirit Guides until I pointed out the connection. Then the “coincidence” suddenly looked like a small miracle.

Miracles of divine guidance occur all the time. Ideas, inspiration, the words of a friend, perfectly timed phone calls and emails – all of these are ways in which we can receive the answers we’ve been asking for. If we are not vigilant, however, these daily miracles may go by unnoticed. We’ll insist that our Guides must be on vacation, because we’re not getting a response to our requests.

Here are a few ways to stay open and receptive to divine guidance:

1. Expect an answer. Your Guides will respond, have no doubt about it. In fact, they will respond several times over, until you’ve gotten the message. If you expect an answer, you’re more likely to recognize it when it comes.

2. While you can definitely expect an answer, don’t attach to how or when it will show up. Intuition is like the watched kettle that never boils! Invariably, the information will come when you least expect it, like when you’re doing the dishes or taking a shower or something else decidedly “un-spiritual.”

3. Pay close attention to what shows up in your life. What phone calls have you received? What emails showed up in your inbox? What random events happened “to” you over the last few days? What thoughts kept floating around in your mind? A great exercise is to write down the day’s significant events and thoughts every evening. Quite often, a theme will emerge.

4. If you still think you’re not receiving information, you may simply not like the guidance you are getting. Perhaps you already know your answer, but it makes you uncomfortable. It’s easy to look beyond intuitive guidance that takes us out of our comfort zone.

When we communicate with our intuition, miracles occur daily. It just takes a little awareness to recognize how divine guidance interacts with us, every day.