Accessing Intuition in Difficult Times

Accessing Intuition in Difficult Times

In times of emotional or mental turmoil, we most certainly want the assistance of our intuitive resources. And yet, too much emotional or mental energy has a way of clouding our inner wisdom. Here are some ways to access intuition accurately, even in difficult times:

Practice in situations when you are objective and detached. Of course, once you are in a difficult life situation, this advice comes a little too late! Still, the more often you apply your intuition to every day situations, the more attuned you become to your own intuitive process. Regular practice will make it easier to access your inner wisdom, no matter what the situation.

Before you try to tune in to your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, just be with any negative emotion you feel. Allow yourself to listen to any negative mental chatter that may be roaming around in your head. Rather than running away from the negative thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them fully. Accept the reality of your current state of being. There is nothing wrong with being upset or worried or stressed. Resisting negative emotions or thoughts only makes them more persistent and distracting. If you acknowledge them fully, on the other hand, they no longer have the power to interfere with your intuition.

  • Ask your Guides to dissipate all negative or interfering thought forms you may have created about the situation for which you want guidance. Sometimes our worries are so persistent that they actually take form in our aura. They can cloud our ability to see our Truth. Your Guides, however, can easily clear these thought forms. All you have to do is ask.
  • Ask your Guides to release and clear all negative patterns that may be interfering with your ability to access Truth for your situation. Sometimes our own beliefs do not allow for accurate information to be obtained. Or perhaps we have bought into a belief that others uphold about what is or is not possible for us.
  • Do not expect to receive answers with the same clarity as you normally do. Focus, instead, on your intent for your situation. Ask your Guides and Higher Self for assistance or information. Thank them, and go about your day. Sometimes when we are very distraught, we can more easily receive intuitive information through coincidence and synchronicities, through conversations with others, or when we are distracted by mundane tasks such as driving a car or doing housework.

It can be difficult to uphold awareness of our spiritual support systems when we are experiencing turmoil in our physical life circumstances. Nevertheless, the more we remind ourselves of how incredibly supported and guided we are, the more easily we can receive spiritual assistance in difficult times.