Intuitive Confidence

Intuitive Confidence

Is our intuition even real? For many of us, it’s a question that is never answered. We try to listen to our gut and honor our own instincts. We believe that we are intuitive, because sometimes these little nudges pay off in a big way. But then there are also times when we feel that the very same instincts may have led us astray.

One of the most precious gift that comes from offering readings to others is proof positive of our own intuitive abilities. We get on the phone with a client. We have never met or spoken. We only have the personal information necessary to access their Soul’s Akashic Record. And yet, we know who they are. We know their gifts and talents, and also what is standing in their way. It is magical, and as Soul Realignment(TM) Practitioners, we get to witness this incredible phenomenon every single day. And from witnessing the magic of intuition at work comes a great gift – intuitive confidence.

There are, of course, a few hurdles along the way.

The first hurdle is taking ownership of our intuitive capabilities. If you’re reading this newsletter, there is something that draws you towards learning more about intuition. Perhaps you’ve experienced a reading or two and thought to yourself: “Wow! How is this possible?” You’ve wondered if you have intuitive gifts that are waiting to be explored. Are you really ready to find out? Many people are not. It seems too risky. Once we have intuitive confidence, our life invariably changes. We can no longer dismiss inner guidance, even if it takes us out of our comfort zone. We can no longer gloss over what isn’t working in our own lives. With intuitive confidence, we simply know better!

The next hurdle is one that every beginning practitioner faces until they deliver their first reading. Self-doubt is a natural part of the process of intuitive development. We can learn how to do readings – but our findings are not confirmed until we actually meet with our first client. What if we are not accurate? What if our very first client tells us that we are completely wrong? The first reading we offer is undoubtedly the hardest and most nerve-wracking. The next three or four readings are only marginally easier. But with every reading, our intuitive confidence grows. After the first six or seven readings, we know without a shadow of a doubt that our intuition really works! It is truly a priceless gift.

What would intuitive confidence mean to you?

Andrea Hess