The Intuitive Perspective

The Intuitive Perspective

I often find myself saying that I don’t tell my clients anything they don’t already know. So what purpose does an intuitive reading really serve?

Sometimes it’s tough to see the forest when we’re standing in the middle of some very tall trees. The forest itself is familiar territory, but we miss much of its Divine splendor and enormity when we are standing nose to nose with a tree trunk, or stumbling over a fallen branch. A professional intuitive can help us reclaim the bird’s eye view, the larger picture.

An intuitive will bring a brand-new frame of reference to ongoing situations so that they can be better understood and addressed. Many issues have root causes in past life experiences, and we can bring the bright light of awareness to our Soul’s history. A professional intuitive also offers unbiased confirmation of our inner wisdom. Usually, it is this aspect of confirmation that moves so many clients forward into finally taking the action they’ve thought about, dreamed about, but have been too fearful to take.

Somewhere within us, we all know our highest path and purpose. Sometimes we choose to look the other way, to remain unconscious. We tell ourselves we’re not ready for change, or that change isn’t necessary. But when a total stranger brings our Truth into our conscious awareness, it becomes very hard to ignore.

As intuitive professionals, we are constantly challenged to walk our talk. Time and again, we find that clients present with the very same issues we’re currently being confronted with. In a divinely guided dance, we each show up to assist each other in creating greater awareness, growth, and learning.

Whether we serve clients as professional intuitives, add intuitive information to existing modalities, or simply claim a new perspective for ourselves – developing our intuitive abilities expands how we view ourselves, and the world.

Andrea Hess