Abundance In The Akashic Records

Abundance In The Akashic Records

As human Beings, we all have a deep, instinctive need for safety.

It’s no surprise, then, that as we become more conscious of ourselves as spiritual and Divine Beings, that we turn to our Akashic Records for one of our most instinctive needs: Safety.

Unfortunately, this actually plunges us into a cycle of lack.

Here’s the deal:

The greatest gift we are blessed with is our free will. The Akashic Records recognize us as the absolute authority over our experience. We make choices, and thus create consequences.

keyshangingThe Akashic Records chronicle our choices for us, so that we may come to understand our creative process. But, make no mistake about it … it is OUR creative process! This is the essence of living as a Divine Being within a human experience.

I once asked in the Akashic Records how abundance was defined.

The response was simple: “Your will is done.”

That’s it. The essence of abundance is our free will, our ability to choose.

Our free will opens the door to everything and anything that we may want to create.

But, as human Beings with a need for safety, we want to make the “right” choices. We want to make the choices that 1. keep us safe from unpleasant consequences and 2. get us where we want to go.

And so, we turn to resources like the Akashic Records to figure out what those choices are.

So far, so good.

Trouble arises when we turn the Akashic Records – or a bunch of Spirit Guides, or channeled entities, or even God – into an external authority that tells us what to do, so that we stay safe.

The game we’re playing all too often is to try to KEEP power – the ability to create whatever we want – but AVOID responsibility – “tell me how to create whatever I want.”

At worst, this leads to spiritual seekers running around following “guidance” that ultimately leads nowhere.

At best, we become confused and think that we need to keep working on our intuition, through one modality or another.

Either way, we’re surrendering a portion of our free will. It doesn’t matter that we’re all spiritual about it and say that we’re surrendering our will to our Higher Self, or the Divine, or whatever we come up with.

We’re surrendering our will. The consequence is always going to be lack.

The Akashic Records are designed to empower us in our creative process. They are the ultimate study guide to the karmic system of choice and consequence. Understand the system, and you know how to create the consequences you want.

But truly understanding the quality of our choices and how we create our consequences is entirely different from wanting the Akashic Records to TELL US what choices to make.

Our choices, just like our consequences, are always going to be ours alone.

The gift of free will is the essence of abundance itself … and yet, isn’t it funny how we keep trying to return the gift? How we keep trying to get at least a partial refund?

So here’s the formula. If you are experiencing ANY lack in any area of your life … ask yourself where you’ve abdicated your free will.

Maybe you’ve surrendered your free will to societal convention, to your industry, to the experts who tell you how to eat properly, to your employer, to an archetypal understanding of parenthood or marriage, or even to your own Higher Self.

Where there is lack, we are not exercising our power and responsibility to CHOOSE.

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To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess