Accessing Your Own Akashic Record

Accessing Your Own Akashic Record

Anyone can access their own Akashic Record at any time – in fact, we frequently do so unconsciously. Our Akashic Record is a resource to which our own Higher Self has absolute access. The intuitive information we receive is filtered through our Soul’s past experiences and lessons, all of which is stored in our Record. Think of our own Akashic Record as our Soul’s memory bank!

Our Akashic Records also contain information about all our possible futures, a vast and changing field of information that is constantly shifting and changing based on our choices in the present moment.

From our Akashic Record, we can also access memories contained within the collective consciousness that we are currently participating in, as well as the possible futures of that collective consciousness. In other words, society’s past and future is also accessible from our Akashic Record. After all, we are intimately connected with all other Beings through this information super-highway that makes up the Akashic Records!