Accessing the Akashic Records: Permissions

Jennifer Aniston - no, you can't access her Akashic Records!

Accessing the Akashic Records: Permissions

It always cracks me up when people think they’ve accessed the Akashic Records of celebrities, historical figures, and so on.

We can’t access anyone’s Akashic Records without their permission.  It really is that simple.

Jennifer Aniston - no, you can't access her Akashic Records!So while some well-meaning pseudo-reader may THINK they accessed Jennifer Aniston’s Akashic Records after her latest break-up … they’d be wrong.

We have no business being in a total stranger’s Akashic Record.

Thankfully, the Akashic Records are a wonderfully guarded place!  Someone may THINK they’re “in” and receiving accurate information … mainly because it never occurs to them to double-check for permission, or because they refuse to receive “no” as an answer.

But all they are “getting” is misinformation that reflects their own intentionality back to them.  In the case of celebrity readings, this intention is ego-driven curiosity, plain and simple.  And so the information they receive will be very “curious.”  It just won’t be accurate!

So never fear … no-one can access your Akashic Records without your permission.  And if they tell you differently, feel free to tell them to stop sticking their energetic noses into your business!

Then go find an Akashic Records reader with integrity.  And leave Jennifer Aniston (or whatever celebrity you’re curious about) alone.

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess

Photo credit: Wikipedia