Accurate Prediction And The Akashic Records

Accurate Prediction And The Akashic Records

Four months ago, I knew who was going to win the election … even though it seemed so very unlikely at the time.

Three weeks ago, when I was waiting for a response from my ex-husband on a decision regarding our daughter, I knew he would say “no.” I even knew what day he was going to respond.

And right now I know that, even though I’m going to try and get a court order to resolve this issue with my ex-husband, there’s only about a 10% likelihood that I will get the outcome I want. And that’s actually okay.

We are all capable of highly accurate predictive intuition when we work in the Akashic Records. Because the Akashic Records chronicle all our choices, it’s easy to spot both individual and collective patterns of choice, and therefore predict the inevitable consequences that will arise from those choices.

Being able to predict certain outcomes is highly useful. We can ready ourselves more effectively for the future. We can work on alternate plans, and spare ourselves the emotional roller coaster ride of shock and disappointment when faced with unanticipated circumstances.

But we have to acknowledge what works against us when it comes to accurate predictive intuition, IF we are to utilize this ability.

What works against us?

Attachment. Hope. Positive thinking.

We simply don’t want to believe our intuition when we don’t get the answers we want!

Even the positive encouragement of other people can derail us from trusting our intuition. “I’m sure that won’t happen!” or “Let’s hope it goes your way” or “You have to stay positive!” are all ways in which those closest to us are basically saying “Your intuition is wrong.”

Since we really don’t want to believe our intuition, we embark on a path of positive thinking, of holding out hope, of visualizing what we want. We invest a ton of emotional and mental energy, and then feel completely sucker punched when the outcome doesn’t go our way. After investing so much “positive” energy, we feel like the Universe has just pulled a rug out from under us.

What we actually did was invest a huge amount of energy in overriding our intuition. And all that energy we invested now polarizes from hope into disappointment, from positive affirmations into negative worry and fear, leaving us with few resources to see that, whatever circumstance just arrived … it’s NOT the end of the world. But it can sure feel that way.

Here’s what we must remember.

We are the powerful Creator of our OWN experience.

But sometimes, we are not just creating our own experience. We are co-creating with others. I can create my own experience of motherhood. But my daughter is creating HER own experience right now. And my ex-husband is creating his. And the intersection between those three experiences does not at this point contain the outcome I want. My daughter would have to rather drastically make new choices to change that intersection, because my ex-husband will not. And at this time, she’s just not ready to do that.

This is not negative thinking. It’s logical, predicable, energetic cause and consequence.

Unfortunately, we tend to blur the boundaries between what we can and cannot effectively manifest. We get energetically enmeshed, we make other people’s choices about us, and end up thoroughly disempowering ourselves in the process.

If you are going to use predictive intuition when discerning a possible future outcome, it’s always a good question to ask yourself:

“How many people’s choices also contribute to this situation? And how much influence do their choices have?”

In an election, the choices of millions contribute to the situation, although each individual has only a very small amount of individual influence.

In a parenting issue, at least three people’s choices contribute to the situation, and each person has a LOT of individual influence.

Just getting honest with ourselves about how much power we actually have in creating an outcome can help us step out of attachment and into intuitive accuracy.

Next, you might want to ask yourself:

“If I don’t get the outcome I want … how can I still create the experience I desire for myself?”

We often see dependency where there is none. Of course, co-creation means that other people’s choices do affect us! But we can always step out of co-creation and give ourselves what we want. It might not look like our original plan, but we are never truly limited unless we decide to limit ourselves!

The more confident we become in our ability to create the experience we want for ourselves, the less attached we are to the choices other people make … which actually makes us more accurate in predicting those choices!

To your wisdom,
Andrrea Hess