Akashic Records and Physical Healing

Akashic Records and Physical Healing

Sometimes people ask me whether energy clearing work in the Akashic Records can resolve physical illness and dis-ease.

illteddyThe short answer is “no.” Our body is the densest aspect of ourselves. If our body is displaying pain and dis-ease, it’s because of something we are doing, or not doing, that is blocking the flow of vital force energy to our physical aspect. But the problem is being created at the physical aspect of our experience.

This means that we have to change what we are doing, at the physical level of our experience, in order the resolve the problem. Whether that’s changing our posture or sleeping position because we have back pain, or getting out of a toxic relationship, or changing our diet … we have to do something different.

Energy clearing isn’t going to change our physicality.

Having said that … the Akashic Records can contribute great understanding as to how we created illness and dis-ease in the first place.

I had a client who was keeping himself in a permanent state of financial disempowerment. It truly was a choice – he chose to stay in a job where he was underpaid, under-valued, and treated badly. Every day, he swallowed his anger at having to struggle, having to suck up to his boss and difficult clients, and living paycheck to paycheck.

He chose to stay in this reality even though he had a considerable set of marketable skills that he could have used to build his own business and become the master of his own financial circumstances.

Frustration led to a very unhealthy diet.

The result? A blood clot led to an emergency surgery in which two feet of his small intestine had to be removed. Years and years of swallowed anger finally created a physical issue so severe that he almost died.

When he recovered from the surgery, guess what he did? Yep, he went back to the same job. He had lost twenty-five pounds due to the surgery, all of which was regained within two months. He did not change his diet. In fact, he didn’t change his life at all.

His body had sent him a wake-up call, and he simply hit the snooze button.

He finally came to me because his body was not healing properly and he had continued digestive issues.

In his Akashic Records, I could see that he was making choices (and had done so over many lifetimes!) that created victimization and led to anger and disempowerment. He was not aligning his life to his Soul Purpose, and was thus cutting himself off from the flow of vital force energy that keeps our bodies healthy and thriving.

The Akashic Records can give us this kind of information. And clearing work can make it easier for us to change our lives.

But let’s not make the mistake of thinking that ANY kind of energy work is a substitute for actually changing what we are DOING – our environment, our actions, our diet, our interactions. We can discover within the Akashic Records what new choices will result in alignment to our Divinity, so that we can increase our access to vital force energy.

We still have to make those new choices – at the level of action.

Sure, we can look at the spiritual and emotional implications of the problem – everything that happens in the body is reflected at other levels of our experience in one way or another.

But we must address every problem at the dimensional level at which it exists if we are to resolve it.

Are you trying to resolve a problem from the WRONG dimensional level of your experience? Leave a comment and share!

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess