Akashic Records And Soul-Level Grumpiness

Akashic Records And Soul-Level Grumpiness

So here you are, and you’ve manifested circumstances that express more of who you are, at Soul-level. Maybe you’ve attracted your ideal relationship, resolved a chronic health issue, shifted your career, altered your relationship with your family of origin, or hit a new income level in your own business. An maybe you’ve done a bit of all of the above, and you’re feeling pretty good about your alignment with your Divine self-expression.

And then it starts: The dissatisfaction. The boredom. The restlessness.

At first, you brush these feelings aside because, after all, life is good and you’ve created what you want. You summon gratitude and try to enjoy what you’ve created.

Except that nagging sense of dissatisfaction just gets stronger.

You feel irritated at yourself, because there’s nothing “wrong” in your life. You feel ungrateful, because you have no “good reason” for your dissatisfaction. You don’t even know what’s missing!

I call this a case of Soul-level grumpiness.

You see, our Soul came here to experience itself, through the process of creation through choice. Which means your Soul will always want to create something new, through choice, because this is what allows the Soul to experience even MORE of itself.

Your Soul’s self-expression doesn’t have an end goal. It’s not as when you’ve manifested a specific career or business, and a certain relationship model, and certain habits in how you maintain your health and your friendships, that your Soul says: “Okay, THIS is perfect self-expression. We’re going to stop creating now and keep everything just like it is.”

Your Soul just wants to experience itself through the process of creation, through choice.

In other words, no matter how great your life … your Soul will always want to create something new and different, will always want to experience itself in yet another version of its Divine self-expression, because here in this human playground, the possibilities are endless.

When we get the Soul-level grumpies, our Higher Self is telling us that it’s had enough of this particular experience and is ready to create a new one. The more conscious you are, the quicker you will become restless after you’ve manifested a goal … because you have a higher level of awareness of the inherent creative nature of your Soul.

In the Akashic Records, new threads of possibility become activated.

Notice what I just wrote: Threads. As in … multiple possibilities.

You see, what happens with the Soul-level grumpies is that, after first suppressing our sense of dissatisfaction, we tend to look towards our intuition to say: “Okay, what’s next?”

But multiple possibilities have become activated in your Akashic Records. And they are ALL fabulous possibilities as far as your Soul is concerned, because it just wants a new experience!

And of course, free will resides at the level of your conscious mind. You have to choose. Your Soul is not going to do it for you.

Most people get stuck in the Soul-level grumpies for years.

They spend their time between suppressing unreasonable dissatisfaction and trying to figure out what they “should” do next. They are waiting for their Soul to tell them what to do. Meanwhile, their Soul is just waiting on them to PICK a path … any path! At this point, lots of people will run around to half a dozen psychics, trying to figure out their next steps, only to find themselves more confused than ever. Guess what? The Akashic Records can’t tell you, because that would constitute interference with your free will.

We have to understand that our Soul can express itself in a multitude of ways, all of which will create abundance and fulfillment for us. All we have to do is pick one.

It’s important for us not to become good at masking the Soul-level grumpies with spiritual practice. It’s very possible for us to mask our feelings of dissatisfaction through healing work and service. We can ignore our creative Truth that we are not really creating anything NEW. And or course, our ego totally supports the idea that we should just safely stay where we are.

Pay attention to Soul-level grumpiness. Don’t ask the Akashic Records to make a decision for you. Your Soul is ready to create something new, but the choice as to WHAT to create is totally up to you.

To your inner wisdom,
Andrrea Hess