Akashic Records, Choosing Our Families … And Unchoosing Them

Akashic Records And Family

Akashic Records, Choosing Our Families … And Unchoosing Them

These days, family issues get brought up more and more frequently in Akashic Records readings.  Many highly conscious spiritual seekers feel at odds with their families of biological origin.  Our parents and siblings don’t “get” our thirst for spiritual knowledge, and roll their eyes when we tell them that we’re studying Akashic Records readings and such.

Akashic Records And FamilyFor some of us, holidays and family gatherings become an exercise in pretending to be “normal.”  And I have had more than one Soul Realignment student tell me that they are not telling their immediate family that they are learning how to read the Akashic Records, for fear of ridicule.

It’s no wonder that more highly conscious folks are disconnecting from their families of origin … or secretly want to!!!

And this is where the problem arises … because while we may not even LIKE the people that are our immediate or extended family members, “they’re family.”  Which means we’re stuck with them, right?  After all, we choose our parents … so surely we chose them for good reason?

Yes and no.

Here’s the thing.  When you read the Akashic Records, you become hyper-aware of how past-life choices set up our current vibrational states.

When we’re born, we MUST incarnate into a family and circumstances that are a perfect vibrational match for who we are as energetic Beings, with all of our past-life baggage and negative karma, as well as our Divine Gifts and Purpose … all of it!

Our family circumstances are a perfect vibrational match for who we are … at the time of our incarnation, our birth.

After that … well, things change.

We are currently experiencing a time of rapid evolution and change.  Like never before, we can make choices congruent to our Divine self-expression.  Like never before, we have access to healing modalities and meditation techniques and tools to evolve our consciousness.

Like never before, we have the ability to change our vibrational state.

Which means that who we are today, at age thirty or forty or seventy, is NOTHING like the Being we were at birth.

Meanwhile, our parents and siblings may not be on that same evolutionary fast-track.  Is it any wonder then that we no longer feel like a “fit” within our own family?

Concepts of family within the Akashic Records are very different.  Family is not a spiritual value, it’s a very human value.  The Akashic Records are a way-shower to our Divine self-expression.  And if we can’t be who we truly are because it’s time for a family reunion … well, then not showing up would be highlighted as the more positive choice.

We are amazingly powerful as human Beings and can insist on maintaining relationships that present a vibrational mismatch to our Divinity.  We can choose to put ourselves through a week of discomfort, just because it’s Christmas.

But nothing in the Akashic Records supports holding on to relationships and people that simply don’t match our vibrational state.  It creates discomfort – for everyone.

So the next time you feel like you are spending time – with anyone! – out of obligation, ask yourself whether you’d like someone to feel that way about spending time with YOU.

The Akashic Records support our freedom to follow our Divinity.  We just have to dare claim that freedom in our human experience.

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess