Akashic Records: I Asked For … What???

Akashic Records: I Asked For … What???

One of the most important aspects of intuitive accuracy is understanding our own intention before ever accessing a wisdom source such as the Akashic Records.

Here’s the problem:

All spiritual resources acknowledge us as the absolute authority in our own experience. From a spiritual perspective, we are the powerful Creators of our own experience, through the gift of free will. Therefore, no spiritual resource will ever argue with us, or give us information we didn’t ask for … even if we asked for it unconsciously!

Instead, our intention and free will is always, always mirrored back to us within any intuitive process. Unfortunately, if we’re asking the wrong questions, this can create a big, intuitive mess!

For example, if you think that you have some sort of issue or problem, you are 100% guaranteed to uncover an issue or problem when you intuitively access a wisdom source such as the Akashic Records.

If you, deep down, think there’s something “wrong” with you, you’ll uncover that there’s something wrong with you. After all, that’s what you were looking for … and so, the Akashic Records can’t possibly serve up anything less than what you want! Your free will reigns supreme.

If you think you’re “being blocked” from creating what you want by some person or force beyond your control … well, as flawed as that thinking is with victimization energy, the Akashic Records MUST give you exactly what you’re asking for. Because, at the end of the day, you’re the boss. If you think you’re a victim, then the Akashic Records must confirm this for you.

Of course, if we want to find out what is special about ourselves, then we’re bound to receive information about our “specialness” as well. This is why spiritual seekers sometimes come up with truly bizarre intuitive information about having a special “mission from Spirit” that only they can fulfill, or that they somehow have “special” powers.

This sort of ego-inflating information is simply what we MUST come up with if our intention is to be special … even if that intention is unconscious.

Our intention is always, always mirrored back to us! This actually isn’t a problem in itself. The problem arises because we are usually not 100% fully aware of our own intention.

Here’s a few ways you can eliminate intuitive inaccuracy, right from the start:

1. Take inventory of the underlying inner dialogue running through your mind on a daily basis. From constantly asking yourself “What’s my problem??” to inwardly ranting “I can’t believe so-and-so would do such a thing” to the pre-occupation of “What is the Universe trying to tell me?” … your recurring thought patterns are huge clues to subconsciously held intentions!

2. Before you engage in any intuitive process, clarify for yourself what specific information you are looking for. Even more importantly, ask yourself what you will DO with the information once you receive it. If you don’t know … don’t engage in an intuitive process!

3. Give readings to others!! Nothing is a more powerful spiritual practice of cultivating objectivity and neutrality within our intuitive process.

4. Make sure that the questions you’re asking when accessing a wisdom source are congruent to Universal Law. This is really what Soul Realignment is all about … it’s a comprehensive framework through which to access Akashic Records wisdom with a high level of accuracy and specificity.

Remember, the unconditionally loving response of the spiritual realm is always “As you wish.” Whatever we ask for, we receive. No spiritual resource will ever presume to interfere with our free will.

Even if we wish that Spirit would assume responsibility and take the lead … it won’t. That’s the gift of free will … it’s not a gift we can refuse or return! At the end of the day, we are Divine Beings within this human experience of ours, and that comes with both power and responsibility attached!

To your inner wisdom,
Andrrea Hess