Akashic Records: Negative influences? Maybe not …

Akashic Records: Negative influences? Maybe not …

At times, we are truly impacted by negative influences within our Akashic Records. These are patterns of choice against our own Divine self-expression that we ourselves set into motion many lifetimes ago …. and then never actually resolved.

For example, we may have in a past life gotten married to someone we did not even like, all to help our family out financially. This choice of continuously sacrificing our own happiness for the sake of others is now a part of who we are. And who do we attract? That’s right, people who expect us to always put THEM first, whether they are friends or family members or our own kids.

We may feel as if we’re “being blocked” from creating the life we want. In reality, of course, WE are the ones doing the blocking by perpetuating patterns of negative choice. We can also choose to step out of them at any time!

After all, if we’re stuck in a pattern of continuous sacrifice, the words “No, go do that yourself” are still entirely available to us!

But it’s tough to recognize these entrenched negative patterns that go back many lifetimes. They’ve become our habitual way of operating. We aren’t even conscious of these negative influences most of the time … they just persistently get in the way of our manifesting abilities.


Sometimes I get emails from clients that insist that they are “being blocked” from creating what they want …

… and negative influences are not the problem.

There are no past-life blocks and restrictions to clear.

The client is just in resistance.

You see, there is an ancient part of our ego that is wired for survival. The oldest part of our brain is insistent that we keep doing what we’ve always done, because it’s kept us alive until now, and so the odds are that we’ll stay alive as long as we don’t do anything new and different.

Our survival instincts keep us within our comfort zone, even if our comfort zone isn’t all that comfortable. At least it is KNOWN.

The thing is, overcoming egoic resistance can feel absolutely horrible, as if we’re truly fighting a battle with “negative forces.”

We’re not.

We’re just transcending the part of us that wants to merely survive, so that we can thrive and live our Divinity within our humanity.

If this were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Change is hard for a reason! If change were easy, we’d all be eating a perfect diet, exercising regularly, and never engaging in any patterns of self-sabotage!

But all too often, in the spiritual community, egoic resistance is terribly misinterpreted as negativity.

Here’s how egoic resistance shows up:

Procrastination: We are going to do something new and different … but tomorrow. Today we’re just too busy, or overwhelmed, or stressed, or we deserve a day off.

Distraction: This comes in many shapes and sizes, from momentary distractions where we lose focus, to big detours that involve bright shiny object syndrome and derail us for months from our path.

Lethargy and disinterest: That thing we were so excited about? The class, the modality, the exercise program, the business direction, the relationship we are starting? Suddenly, we’re just not into it any more. Our enthusiasm and motivation suddenly disappears.

Drama: You’re finally ready to dedicate yourself to your new meditation practice. Or cleanse. You start, you feel good about yourself … and then drama erupts in other parts of your life. Your kid gets sick. Your mother in law suddenly announces that she’s coming to visit. Your boss suddenly wants you to be available for early morning meetings. And so your meditation practice or your cleanse get pushed aside to a more convenient time … which never comes.

Discomfort, followed by irrational fear: If you actually make it past all the other resistance symptoms, your ego will make a last-ditch effort to stop you from taking new action and you will experience inexplicable discomfort, fear, and even terror.

This is usually the moment when spiritual seekers contact me or one of my Practitioners and tell us that they feel “attacked by negative influences.”

Never mind that we are the powerful Creators of our experience and there is no such thing as “attacking” negative influences. There’s only the negativity we create, through choice.

But when we’re in the middle of a resistance-based fear storm that makes us want to curl up and just STOP … it can sure feel like some negative force outside of ourselves is making our lives difficult.

What does this have to do with the Akashic Records?

A lot.

Because here’s what happens – to both clients AND Practitioners alike.

The Akashic Records are a mirror for our intention.

If we enter them, convinced that negative blocks and restrictions are the root cause of our issues … we’ll be sure to find negative blocks and restrictions.
That’s just how the Akashic Records – and any intuitive resource! – work.

The spiritual realm acknowledges you as the authority of your experience. So if you go looking for negative blocks and restrictions (or, for that matter, limiting beliefs, or cords of attachment, or ANY energetic issue you may have heard of and know how to resolve through healing and clearing work) … you’ll be sure to find them!!

And here’s the problem for spiritual seekers:

There is SO MUCH information out there on the Internet, some of it valid, but much of it ill-defined terminology that has no real meaning in the context of Universal Law. But when we’re in the throes of our ego, throwing a massive resistance tantrum, and we go searching for something that is “wrong” with us … we are sure to find it.

After all, we are the boss of our experience. Whatever our intent, it will be met. If we decide we have negative influences, or emotional issues, or past-life healing to be done … then the spiritual realm says “As you wish” and serves up exactly what we’re looking for.

If we’re not careful, we land down a never-ending rabbit hole of healing and clearing and tapping and more clearing, and yet more healing.

If you’re about to do something NEW, if you’re about to change your life, even if the changes you are making are positive and you are following your Soul’s calling … expect your ego to freak out.

Before you leap to the conclusion that you’re “being blocked” by some non-existent “negative force” that has chosen YOU to pick on (which, by the way, can make us feel terribly special!), consider that you may just be in resistance.

There are TWO ingredients needed to get past egoic resistance.

The first is consciousness. The whole reason we meditate and evolve the consciousness of ourselves as a spiritual being is so that we can dis-identify from the perception of ego as “I.” With enough consciousness, you can observe yourself in procrastination, distraction, drama, and fear storms without getting sucked into the idea that these feelings have anything to do with who “you” are.

The other is discipline. Because while we may understand, through consciousness, that we are in the midst of a raging resistance freak-out, we still FEEL all of it. We still FEEL unmotivated, we still FEEL horrible and irrational fear. But they are just feelings. They don’t have to determine our actions, unless we decide they are important.

Consciousness and discipline together allow us to override egoic resistance and act on our thinking mind.

Both consciousness and discipline are not personality traits. They are cultivated, through practice.

Overcoming egoic resistance is possibly the hardest aspect of living our Divinity within our humanity. But once we have cultivated enough consciousness and discipline, we are free to choose the life we want for ourselves.

So before you go popping into the Akashic Records (or book a reading), ask yourself whether you might just be in resistance. Because once you decide that negative influences are the problem, you’ll be right. This will also be reflected in any reading you receive from a Practitioner who doesn’t fully understand egoic resistance.

To your Divinity,
Andrrea Hess