Akashic Records: Stuck On Your Past Lives?

Akashic Records: Stuck On Your Past Lives?

All too often, clients tell me that they have an issue that has its root in a past life.  Let’s say, for example, that a client is having trouble marketing themselves actively because, in a past life, they were a successful business person who ended up falsely accused of fraud and imprisoned for several years.

That kind of past-life memory could indeed add to present-life visibility issues.

But that story of false imprisonment is actually not the problem.

No, the real problem is that, in that past life, after getting out of prison, my client made the choice not to rebuild their business.  In that lifetime, my client made the choice to struggle financially, lest he be noticed.  And in that lifetime, my client went to his grave impoverished … by choice.

And today, my client is still making that same, exact choice!

You see, it doesn’t matter whether our issues have their root in a past life.  The truth is, we’re experiencing the issue in this lifetime.  The issue is showing up right here and now.

And guess what?  Here and now is the only place we can resolve this issue.  Here and now is when we have the opportunity to heal from our past-life negative choices, and make new choices that express the truth of who we really are.

But so many people come to me and tell me of bad things that “happened” in past lives, and how this is now preventing them from moving forward.  Never mind that we create every experience, past life or present life.  Never mind that resolving past life negativity is why we are here.

Past life memories become a convenient excuse not to express our Divinity and do our Soul Purpose.

The reason we are gifted with so much access to our Soul’s history through greater consciousness is so that we can remember the mistakes we made in the past.  We can resolve the choices we made, once upon a time, the consequences of which we are still experiencing today.

Our past-life memories are not designed to be an excuse to keep making the same choices, over and over again.

Our past-life memories are a tool for liberation from negative choices that we insist on making.

Instead of asking: “What happened ‘to me’ in this past life?” it’s so much more empowering to ask: “What choices did I make in that past life that I am continuing to make today?  And what choice can I make that is a more appropriate expression of my Divinity?”

By accessing the Akashic Records, we have the power to examine our choices. If our past lives are creating “issues” for us today, it means we are still making the same choices today as we did in the past.

But in this present moment, we have the ability, always, to make a new choice.

To your Divinity,
Andrrea Hess