Akashic Records: Why Does Karma Carry Over From Past Lives?

Akashic Records: Why Does Karma Carry Over From Past Lives?

Occasionally, I get a great question from one of my readers:

“If the past present and future are all happening now and we have free will then I don’t understand how the karma of different lives (ego choices that individual made) is carried on to other lives. In order to have free will the ego dies off each life. I don’t see how our soul carries this. Can you please explain?”

It’s a fabulous question! Why DOES karma carry over into subsequent lifetimes?

There’s a couple of things we have to understand.

Free will is what empowers us to create our experience, through choice. While incarnated, free will most certainly resides at the level of mind. It HAS to reside at the level of mind, because while we are in a body, we are bound by linear time. In other words, our choices will have consequences in the future. The most fabulous quality of our mind (which can also get us into boat loads of trouble!) is that it can time travel – we plan, and we remember.

So our mind is really the ideal tool to manage free will while we’re in a body. We can remember our choices, and so figure out how we created our current consequences. And we can plan ahead for the consequences we want, and so make choices accordingly in the present.

But what about when we’re not incarnated?

Then, as you say, we don’t HAVE an ego or mind, and free will reverts to our Soul!

But what is MOST important to understand is that the ego and the Soul are NOT SEPARATE.

Millennia of religious conditioning have unfortunately caused a tendency to think of our body and ego as “down here” while our Soul is “up there” somewhere, unaffected by what goes on “down here.” Nothing could be further from the Truth.

We are WHOLE Beings. There is no “up there” and “down here.” It is all ONE. Choices made here in this physical existence affect our Soul’s vibrational state as much as they do our physical and mental state. If we make a choice against our own Divine nature – a negative choice – we create what we call “blocks and restrictions.” These are actually held, at Soul-level.

Domino effectWe actually alter the vibrational state of our ENTIRE Being, through choice. Our Soul is very much affected by the choices we make at the level of ego, while incarnated.

That’s why the Akashic Records are such an incredible tool! Since there is no time in the Akashic Records, we can access information about the Soul BEFORE we made a whole bunch of negative choices while incarnated. And so, the Akashic Records can orient us back to our original Divine nature, into our most positive self-expression.

But make no mistake about it – every choice you make while incarnated resonates throughout your Being. It absolutely affects the Soul. So of course, when the Soul incarnates again, it does so from the vibrational state that we created, through choice, during our previous lifetime.

And why, you might ask, can’t the Soul just wipe out all these negative choices while it is not incarnated? Why not take a massive karmic shower, rinse off the consequences of those choices, and start clean?

Aaaah, because we MUST resolve karma at the dimensional level at which it was created! If we created karma while incarnated, we have to resolve it while incarnated.

To understand why, you have to acknowledge why the Soul incarnates to begin with. You see, when we are here, in a body, we are INDIVIDUATED. I clearly am ME, while you are clearly YOU. We have these wonderful individual containers called bodies. My choices are clearly MINE, your choices are clearly YOURS. That’s what allows us to have so much power over OUR experience. It’s about individuation!

In no other dimensional existence can the Soul experience ITSELF as its own Being. Which means it also has a lot less creative power. When we are not in a body, we can’t move physical matter. We can’t make things, create things, move things at the physical level.

So if we create karma while incarnated, we do so with a higher level of creative power than is available to us at upper-dimensional levels of existence. That’s why the Soul cannot, in between lifetimes, simply wipe its karmic slate clean. We can only do so by coming back into the physical existence, and making new choices while incarnate.

And think about this: If karma were effectively wiped out at the end of each lifetime, then there would be NO NEED for the Akashic Records to exist at all, because there would be no need to access information about our past lifetimes. They would be completely irrelevant. No “memory system” would be necessary past this current lifetime.

Not only that, but how could we explain why we people are born into such vastly different circumstances? Why does one person incarnate into a loving, warm family and others are abused in childhood?

The answer is, of course, past-life karma! The Universe works in perfect Divine Order. We don’t get born into our family by luck, because there is no such thing!

Every circumstance in our lives has truly been created through our own choices … which is also why we have the power to change our lives, through the blessing of free will.

To your abundance,
Andrrea Hess