Akashic Records Wide Open: Consequences Part II

Akashic Records Wide Open: Consequences Part II

As our consciousness has evolved so that we are wide open to our own Akashic Record, we have literally begun swimming – possibly even drowning! – in a sea of possibility.

It’s amazing that we collectively find ourselves operating at unprecedented levels of consciousness … and most people are more confused about their lives than ever before.

That’s because now we are more aware of the many, many possibilities each of our choices holds for us.  We are aware that each decision activates a path within our future.

But what if it’s not the path that will lead us where we want to go?

And so we’re back to unproductive questions.

Which path is my “highest” path?  The “right” path?  The path that holds my purpose?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Spirit would just point out EXACTLY the path we “should” take?  Oh, that pesky interference with free will, huh?

We’re terrified that we might make a “wrong” move.  And so, many highly conscious folks are in a holding pattern of sorts, working hard on their inner personal development but not really doing much to change their outer circumstances.

question_the_direction_400_clr_10501Infinite possibility lies before us.  We are overwhelmed.

What we’re really battling is the left-over vestiges of external spiritual authority.  For thousands of years, we’ve been well-trained to believe that there is a set of rules to follow, that if we’re good little boys and girls we will be rewarded, that there is already some sort of plan or destiny in place for us of which we remain unaware, but that is working for us behind the scenes.

It’s time to let these perceptions go.

What if your purpose is just to have a blast, to enjoy the heck out of life and all it has to offer, to experience the genius of your Divine Gifts for the sheer fun of it?

What if it’s really that simple?

Life is full of enjoyment.  Let’s assume all that fun to be had is here for a reason!

What if you just claimed the experience you WANT for yourself?  Not because it is some sort of “highest” path.  Not because you feel obligated to serve others.   What if you claimed the experience you want, just because you want it?

And what if you committed yourself to creating that experience, just to see what it would be like?  What if you made your life a commitment to the exploration of personal possibilities?  What if you stopped looking to the Universe or Spirit or even your own Higher Self to tell you about your “highest” or “best” or “most purposeful” path?

What if you just decided what you want, and got on with creating that experience?

Your mind would be less cluttered.  You’d ask yourself far fewer questions.  And those questions would be productively tied to a real and tangible intention.

You’d receive clear, actionable guidance.

With all that’s available to us through our Akashic Record, simplicity and focus becomes more important than ever.  Without focus, without simply making a decision, we become lost – lost in unproductive questions, lost in a sea of endless possibilities.

Decide what you really want.  Don’t make a six-month navel-gazing production out of it.  Just decide.

And go for it.

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess