Are You Ready to Serve? Yes!

Are You Ready to Serve? Yes!

I keep running into the misconception that we should have “it” all figured out before we are in a position to assist others. If we’re a healer, we need to be in perfect health before we can help others heal. If we’re a spiritual teacher, we need to be fully enlightened before we teach a class or workshop. If we are intuitives, we need to always be “right” in our own inner guidance before we can give readings to others. At least, that’s what’s been holding back several of my recent clients and students from shining their unique gifts into the world.

If you think you need to be “further along” or “already there” (wherever “there” may be) before you can serve others in any capacity, consider this:

  • Would you rather study with a teacher or receive assistance from someone who remembers exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes? Or would you rather work with someone so far removed from your situation that they can no longer identify with your fears and discomforts?
  • Would you rather work with someone who is still working on themselves? Or would you rather work with someone who already has all the answers? (Personally, I think most of us find the person with all the answers highly irritating! Plus, I doubt that they really exist!)

Think about who you were a year ago. From the expanded perspective you possess right now, would you have words of wisdom for your “old” self? Do you know more now than you did then? What about the “you” of two years ago – wouldn’t you have a lot you could teach yourself? Of course you do!

You don’t need to have all the answers. You don’t need to have a perfect life or have sorted out every health, abundance, and relationship issue to be of tremendous service to others. The definition of an “expert” is someone who has a little bit more knowledge and experience than the people they serve. You’re already an “expert” to someone. And that someone needs your unique gifts and talent, right now.

You are ready. You are enough, just as you are. Go and share your gifts with the world.