Ascension and the Akashic Records

Ascension and the Akashic Records

We’re all aware that we are participating in a major shift in consciousness on our planet. I know there are different concepts of “ascension” floating around, but here’s mine:

Ascension is attained when we have collectively achieved fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Personally, I don’t think our physical bodies will evaporate or anything once 2012 rolls around. (Feel free to disagree with me!) But I do think that critical mass will be reached where many on our planet will have conscious access to the treasure trove of information that is the fifth-dimension, and that we will begin collectively making our choices from this elevated perspective.

What does this have to do with the Akashic Records? Everything!

The Akashic Records ARE the fifth dimension! The fifth-dimension is the energetic information super highway that is outside of time and space, through which infinite wisdom is available. There’s a reason we are living in the “information age” and connecting virtually through the Internet as never before. Fifth-dimensional awareness is creating these profound shifts as more and more people are coming to a new level of consciousness.

Note that I said “fifth-dimensional awareness.” Awareness is just that – we are aware that something exists. Fifth-dimensional consciousness, on the other hand, means that it is subject to and accessible through choice and free will. Awareness and consciousness are two very different things. It’s the difference between knowing that electricity comes out of a socket in your house (awareness) and knowing exactly how to wire your house (consciousness.)

Learning to read and clear the Akashic Records is the equivalent to learning how to wire our house, while simply asking for and occasionally acting on intuitive guidance is rather more like simply plugging in lights and flipping a switch. Naturally, there are many degrees of awareness and consciousness in between these two extremes!

Fifth-dimensional consciousness means insight on demand, much as we currently have thoughts on demand. It also means making choices from this perspective of greater wisdom and understanding. And learning how to consciously tap into the Akashic Records is the greatest and most practical way I know to cultivate and practice becoming fifth-dimensionally conscious – because it does take practice!

Most importantly, cultivating consciousness of upper dimensions is a choice we must make. It does not happen “to” us – while it is certainly available at all times, we must find our way to a method of learning how to access this new perspective. Not only that, but if we are to bring this consciousness into this physical experience, we must ACT from this perspective.

If you are invested in the ascension process, discover how to appropriately and consciously access and interact with the Akashic Records in order to create the physical experience you want! If the Soul Realignment modality doesn’t quite resonate with you, find another that does … but do not leave your potential untapped!