Birthing the Divine

Birthing the Divine

Christmas is a celebration of the Divine, birthing itself into human form. Obviously, the Christian religion projects this concept on a single external event and person. But Christmas is a wonderful time for us to remember that WE, too, are the Divine, articulated into human form. We celebrate that, through us, Divinity has expressed itself into this physical dimension.

Most of all, it’s a time to ask ourselves how we might honor the Divine miracle that is us in the year to come. How are we going to birth our Divinity into our lives in a greater, more authentic way?

The time between Christmas and the New Year is possibly my favorite week of the year. It’s a time that lends itself to introspection and quiet contemplation. After acknowledging the Divine that dwells eternally within all of us in the celebration of Christmas, the question now becomes: How might we express this Truth into our lives?

It doesn’t happen all by itself.

All of us are equally Divine, have equal access to enlightenment potential and Christ consciousness.

But expressing our Divinity into this human experience is entirely subject to our free will. We came here to experience ourselves as Creation through choice. Our Divinity can remain unexpressed if that is what we choose.

So what would expressing our Divinity look like in the year ahead? What would we DO differently? Beyond mere inner acknowledgement or mindset shift, what new actions would we take if we were to truly express our most Divine nature, trust in our enlightenment potential, and make choices through Christ consciousness?

It’s a fabulous time of year to recommit ourselves to living our Divinity, not just conceptually, but third-dimensionally.

If you were to watch a movie version of your life in which you are fully expressed as a Divine Being, what would you see? What would you watch yourself do differently, every single day? Close your eyes for a moment and watch yourself …

Now … what is the smallest version of that reality that you can take action on now? After all, why wait until January 1, right? What is the smallest shift in circumstance that you need to create in order to come into just a little more alignment with your vision?

Are you committed to taking that action and creating that circumstance?

And are you committed to asking yourself this question – what small action, what small creation – every day in the year to come?

Big visions and authentic self-expression are created through small, every day choices. Will you allow the Divine to be rebirthed through you, into this human form, through your choices in the upcoming year?

Wishing you all a Divinely inspired, blessed holiday season,

Andrea Hess