Can We Clear Our Karma In The Akashic Records?

Can We Clear Our Karma In The Akashic Records?

Interestingly enough, the Akashic Records themselves are, essentially, a karmic library of sorts.  After all, karma is simply the progression from choice to consequence.  And the Akashic Records chronicle ALL of our choices, and their consequences, clear back to the inception of our Soul.

Akashic Records ClearingWe do clearing work in the Akashic Records … but are we “clearing karma?”

The brief answer is “yes and no.”

We absolutely are empowered to clear the energies of past choice and consequence at the fifth-dimensional level within the Records … BUT we cannot do so without circumventing the laws of karma!

See, in order to effectively clear the Records, two ingredients are absolutely necessary.

We must take full responsibility for the choices we made, in this lifetime or another, that created the consequences we are currently experiencing.

In order to take full responsibility, we also have to have specific consciousness of what choice, exactly, created what consequence.

This is, essentially, why we read the Akashic Records to begin with – to gain understanding of exactly how we create our human experience, lifetime after lifetime.

Karma teaches us our own creative process.  The energetic quality of our choices is reflected back to us in the energetic quality of our consequences.  Karma is what gives us the opportunity to truly know ourselves as the Divine Creators of our human experience.

If we were able to simply “clear karma” within the Akashic Records without having full consciousness and taking 100% responsibility of what we are clearing, we’d essentially be trying to circumvent the laws of karma!

Imagine the havoc if we could just delete the energies of random choices and consequences without first having full consciousness of them, and how one has created the other.  The balance of our Divine Creatorship would be thrown off.

If, on the other hand, we have full consciousness and understanding of choice and consequence and acknowledge how we ourselves have created our own experience – not just in general, but in specific details pertaining to “real life” circumstances – then karma has essentially fulfilled its purpose.  It can be cleared from our Akashic Record.

But fifth-dimensional clearing work only gives us an opening to change.  Of course, if we persist in making the same old every day choices in our third-dimensional lives that we’ve always made – going to the same Soul-sucking job, staying in an incongruent relationship, etc. – we’ll simply set back into motion the patterns we just cleared fifth-dimensionally.

Again, this is why understanding how we created our consequences is so vitally important.  Clearing work in the Akashic Records opens the door.  But we still have to, through NEW choices, walk through that door into new possibilities!

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess