Choice And The Akashic Records

Choice And The Akashic Records

It’s always interesting to me when people question the existence of the Akashic Records. To me, their existence is not only perfectly logical, it is an essential component of how the process of Creation hums along.

Choices and the Akashic RecordsThink about it – we create, though choice. And, by the way, choice is not a thought! Decisions are made at the level of thought. But decisions change as quickly as our minds, don’t they? Choice, however, happens at the level of ACTION.

When you get on an airplane, when you enroll in a program, when you go out to dinner with friends, when you show up to work every day, what you eat for breakfast … these are choices.

Unlike a decision, a choice cannot be undone.

Choice sets creation into motion.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, if you keep making the same choices over and over again, you will keep creating your current consequences, which make up your current reality.

And if you make a new choice, if you do something you’ve never done before, you create something new.

It’s Universal Law.

We are powerful enough to create an indelible imprint on the fabric of time and space, to the level that the energy we put forth through our choices returns to us in the form of actual, real-world results.

Through the process of choice, we create new financial opportunities, attract clients, friends, lovers, create new places to live, new experiences, even make new life.

We alter the “stuff” of life, we weave the fabric of time and space, through choice. Pretty amazing, right?

How could the energy of our choices, then, NOT be permanently recorded at some level in the fabric that makes up our collective experience?

There must be a record. After all, our choices are so powerful that they determine what shows up in the physical plane, the densest aspect of our existence. How could our choices not show up in the fifth dimension, which is malleable and porous by comparison?

As above, so below! Anything that shows up here in the third dimension will also be present at the upper-dimensional levels of existence. And because the fifth dimension, where the Akashic Records are, lies outside of linear time, ALL our choices are, in essence, “recorded” there for us to access. And because we both create the choices and participate in the consequences of this process, we have access to this record – the Akashic Records.

Few people want to believe in the utter perfection and orderliness of our creative process. If we chose to develop complete understanding of our incredible power to create whatever we want, through choice … we would have to admit that we are utterly responsible, for everything in our human experience.

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess