Coming Out Of The Psychic Closet

Coming Out Of The Psychic Closet

For someone venturing into the intuitive profession, coming out of the “psychic closet” can be a scary proposition. What will our friends, family, and co-workers think of our new career path? Will they mock what we hold so precious? Will they think we’ve gone off the deep end?

As uncomfortable as stepping out as a professional intuitive can be, I can assure you one thing: It is far more uncomfortable IN the psychic closet, where we are cramped by the fear of other people’s perceptions, where we are not truly ourselves, and where our Divine gifts cannot shine. Once we’ve opened that closet door, we find that authenticity takes far less effort than we expected.

Why are we so afraid to own the intuitive path? New Soul Realignment™ students often ask me this question. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

It’s not so long ago that we would have drowned, burned at the stake, or otherwise suffered for practicing psychic and energetic healing. All of us have participated in, witnessed, or been the victims of religious persecution. Think about it … never has there been a time when we’ve been able to fully and publicly step into our spiritual power without fear … until today.

No wonder we don’t quite feel safe to announce our intuitive profession to the world!

And yet, when we have the courage to “come out” to the world … we find that we’re in remarkably good company. I’m always astonished by the stories of intuitive insight and awareness that people share with me when I introduce myself as a professional psychic. When we stand unabashedly in our Truth, we encourage everyone around us to do the same.

Here are some practical tips for coming out of the “psychic closet:”

Practice “coming out” to strangers first, preferably in an environment where you feel assured that you’ll be accepted. Take a class or attend a spiritually oriented Meetup group and introduce yourself and your new profession.

Develop confidence by working with a few new clients. Giving readings to clients who’ve never known us in any other capacity assists us in stepping into our professionalism as intuitives and psychics.

When you do announce your new profession to loved ones that you fear will be disapproving and unsupportive, do so with as little expectation as possible. In other words, allow them to stand in the truth of their reaction without making that reaction be about YOU.

Over time, you might want to let loved ones know that while their support is entirely optional, sabotage will not be tolerated. If your children are constantly making fun of you or your mother is asking you every day when you’re going to “give up this nonsense,” then greater boundaries are called for.

Have FUN with your new profession! The question: “So, what do you do?” is inevitable in most social situations. Believe me, saying “I’m a professional psychic” is one heck of a lot more interesting than saying “I’m an accountant.” The people you meet will mirror your level of comfort with your profession back to you.

Don’t try to convince people that intuition exists, or try to prove your psychic abilities to anyone. That’s the equivalent of trying to lead horses to water. It’s exhausting, and most of the time it’s also very annoying to the horse.

Becoming truly comfortable within the psychic profession takes a little time … but the more authentic and open we are, the more authentic and loving support we also attract into our lives.