Consciousness and the Akashic Records

Consciousness and the Akashic Records

Here’s the equation we must remember on our spiritual path.  Greater consciousness means more power of self-determination.  After all, having consciousness means that we can now make CONSCIOUS choices where before, we were in a merely reactive position, right?

If we have consciousness of the wisdom contained in the Akashic Records, then we now have more choices available to us based on that information.  This is how consciousness sets us free – by making more choices available to us than we were able to perceive before!

So if we have greater consciousness of our Higher Self, of who we are as a spiritual Being, then we also have the choice to align to the guidance that comes from our Higher Self.

Not only that, but we have the ability to more consciously ask for guidance, to actually direct the intuitive process.

Greater consciousness means more power.

But that’s not the end of the equation by any means.

Because more power through conscious choice means that we also have greater responsibility.  If a choice is now available to us, then we’re suddenly consciously responsible for that choice.  We can’t NOT make a choice – because even that is a choice.

The full equation is this:  Consciousness = Power = Responsibility

The break-down currently happening usually occurs somewhere between power and responsibility.

Here we are, and we’ve evolved ourselves to the point of having a VERY high degree of consciousness of our own spiritual nature.  So many people now perceive their own Self beyond the mind and ego!  We have woken up!

For students who study Soul Realignment and read the Akashic Records, there is now absolutely NO denying our true Divine nature … because all we are pretty much doing in this program is studying the nature of the Soul and how it creates its experience.  That’s a LOT of consciousness … a lot of power … a LOT of responsibility.

But regardless of what modalities or spiritual tools we use, when we evolve our consciousness, we have more inspiration that flows through us.  We have a bigger vision for ourselves and for the world.  We have a deep, burning desire to serve others through our Divine Gifts.

These are all gifts that come with greater consciousness.  All that inspiration, all those visions give us the power to CHOOSE to align to our Divine nature.

But with that power to choose alignment to our Divinity comes the RESPONSIBILITY to align to our Divine nature.

And when we persist in going to jobs we hate, when we stay in relationships that are not an expression of our Truth, when we buckle to how things are done in our family, our society, our industry, rather than uphold OUR Divine way … then this is now a choice.

We can’t pretend otherwise.

If we have consciousness, but we refuse to be responsible and USE the power we now have to make choices, we will make ourselves miserable.

Not only that – we’ll make ourselves CONSCIOUSLY miserable.  We’ll experience our misery more profoundly than the people who haven’t yet woken up to the massive gap between their human and Divine experience.

Once we have consciousness, there’s really only one way forward – into new choices that keep us on a path of expansion, not just spiritual but PRACTICAL expansion into a life that truly reflects our Divinity.

That means we might have to come out of the healer closet, or the psychic closet, or the spiritual teacher closet, and actually do our sacred work in the world.  We might have to do the highly inconvenient, start our own business, heal from chronic pain, leave a relationship, break our family’s collusion of lack or ill health or obligation or guilt or blame or shame.

Once we have consciousness, we have the power to live our Divinity.  We also have the responsibility to live our Divinity.

What Truth of yours are you not be fully expressing into the world?

What are you tolerating that is not aligned to your Divine self-expression?

You embraced the consciousness – ready to embrace the responsibility?

To your infinite Divine nature,