Craving More Of An Akashic Records “Experience?”

Akashic Records Experience

Craving More Of An Akashic Records “Experience?”

Akashic Records ExperienceEvery once in a while, students tell me they don’t feel particularly “psychic” when they go into the Akashic Records.  They don’t have any major visions, they’re not hearing things … in fact, they’re not sure they are accessing the Akashic Records at all!

Which is GREAT!!  Yes, it’s fabulous when we don’t have much of an intuitive “experience.”

Why?  Because with proper training and methodology, accessing the Akashic Records should feel about as ordinary as doing the dishes!  After all, we are inherently connected to the Akashic Records.  We ARE our own Soul’s Record, it is a part of our Being.  And as for the Akashic Records in general … well, we ARE truly ONE with all of creation at the upper-dimensional levels.

Why would accessing a part of ourselves take extreme effort, or induce visions and voices?

In fact, all too frequently I find that students overwork themselves accessing the Akashic Records.  It’s natural to WANT an extraordinary experience, but that’s because we want to know that we’re “really” doing it.  And that we’re going to be accurate.

And that’s what the experiential craving of the Records is really about – our own need for reassurance, for safety, the need to be “right.”

The funny thing is that trying to have some sort of distinct intuitive experience of the Akashic Records can 1. wear us out and 2. ultimately interfere with our own accuracy.

Because the intention of “I want to know that I’m really doing this, that I’m really accessing the Records, and that I’m getting all the right information” is about US.  It’s not about the person we’re reading for.  In the moment where we crave reassurance that we’re on the right track, we step out of service.

So be prepared for ordinary, easy superpowers.  Experiencing not much at all means you’re on the right track!

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess