Divine Timing and the Akashic Records

Divine Timing and the Akashic Records

The term “Divine Timing” can actually be quite disempowering.  I often hear it in the context of “I want something now, but it’s not here, so maybe Spirit thinks it would be better for me not to have what I want – at least not right now.”

Not only would Spirit never withhold our desires from us – Spirit CANNOT withhold our desires from us.  Because we ARE Spirit.  So who is doing the withholding?  That’s right – it’s US.

I’d like to offer a very different perspective on the concept of Divine Timing, a concept that has more to do with the flow of intuition, inspiration, and information.

Our minds have a crazy thirst for knowledge.  We want to learn, we want to “know,” we want to have answers.  Frequently, we’d also like to have a plan, we’d like to know what to expect, what problems might arise down the road, and what solutions might be appropriate.  And so we do our homework.  We research.  We study.  We’re pretty much addicted to information.

But here’s the interesting thing about expanding our consciousness and accessing the Akashic Records.  All the information we could ever need or want, for any choice we’ll ever have to make, is there for us.  It’s there for us unconditionally, ready and waiting.

But here’s the catch: The information is there for us when and if we are aligned to it.  In other words, we have to be in enough resonance, in enough vibrational like-ness with the information in the Akashic Records so that it becomes accessible.

We’re not aligned to information we need in five years until … well, probably about four years and eleven months from now!

We’re not aligned to the information that solves a possible problem until that problem actually arises.

We’re not aligned to the intuitive heads-up about possible problems on our path until we’ve actually committed ourselves to walking that path.

Mind you, this is not the Divine, being stingy with information, shaking its finger at us saying: “No, you’re not ready yet.  You have to wait.”

It is OUR energetic state that decides when we’ll be in vibrational alignment with the information that serves us – in the present moment.

It’s enough to drive our poor minds crazy.  Unless we’re willing to trust in the infinite abundance of the Akashic Records.  We have to trust that all information we could ever desire will be available to us when and if we can actually use it.

I was perfectly comfortable with this concept until about three months ago, when I decided to do a live two-day training event around Money and Purpose here in Arizona in June.  Until then, flowing with guidance as it came was comfortable.  I didn’t do much planning at all, and that worked for me and my business just fine!

A live event is obviously a far more logistically intensive endeavor than an online event!  And so my poor brain went into planning overdrive for a while.  I got to witness myself first-hand, trying to “figure things out” ahead of time – and, as it turns out, ahead of Divine Timing.  I was trying to make many decisions quickly in order to be prepared, and make sure everything gets done in time for June 1st.

It’s a mindset that is actually rooted in lack.  And it actually creates a ton of stress!  When we try to rush our decisions before their time, we actually don’t have all the vibrationally aligned intuitive guidance that we need to truly make a choice that is true for us.  Inevitably, we end up second-guessing ourselves, changing our minds, or we move forward with nagging insecurity.

About a week ago, I let it go.  I decided to leave some question marks hanging in my head, and wait for inspiration and intuition to tell me what was next. My mind protested for a while, I’ll tell you that!  After all, over a hundred guests are confirmed so far, and there are a lot of moving pieces involved!

Oddly enough, I’ve gotten more done based on spontaneous inspiration in the past week than I have in the previous three!

Bit by bit, literally on an “as needed” and fully actionable basis, inspiration has filled in the blanks of unmade decisions in my head.

After all, what good is information that isn’t actionable?  It only creates stress, a sense of a long to-do list looming over us.

I still have quite a few decisions left to make.  Some of them are important.  And I know that my connection to the Akashic Records means that I will know what to do when I can act on what I know.

Intuitive information comes to us in Divine Timing.  It’s still OUR timing, because we are the Divine Creators of our experience.  But the information is designed to move our creative process forward – and there’s only so much that can be done in a day.  We don’t need the five-year action plan.  We just need to know what to do right now.

Aligning to Divine Timing means trusting that you will have all the answers, information, guidance, and resources available to you when they can actually serve you in creating what you want.  Not before, though.

Trust in Divine Timing.  You’ll know what to do when you get there.