Doing Your Soul’s Purpose

Doing Your Soul’s Purpose

My definition of our Soul purpose is pretty simple. I believe our Soul’s purpose is simply to express its Divine gifts through a human experience. As simple as this definition is, living our Soul’s purpose is a far more complex matter. Or is it?

Our Soul’s purpose and its expression are known to us, if we dare to admit it. Our Soul speaks to us through inspiration, vision, ideas, and dreams for our future. Each of us have at least a vague idea of who we long to be within this human experience.

Our Soul’s purpose is always making itself known in subtle ways. To people who tell me they have “no idea” what their purpose is, I simply ask: “Who do you most admire? If you could step into someone else’s life for a day, whose life would you choose?” Whether they choose Oprah, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Wayne Dyer, or Carolyn Mysse … as it turns out, most of us have a pretty good idea of what our most authentic self-expression could look like.

The actual “doing” of our Soul’s purpose is a different matter altogether.

We have so many excuses, don’t we?

We look to the people whose lives we admire, and tell ourselves: “I could never do that! Who am I to think I could be that wise, rich, accomplished, successful, extraordinary, intuitive, insightful, etc.?”

But let’s be honest. We don’t start the path of “doing” our Soul’s purpose in a practical, third-dimensional expression because we are afraid and uncertain. We don’t start because we don’t have a written guarantee from the Universe that we’re good enough, that we have what it takes, and that we’ll ultimately be successful.

We want to be certain before we invest in pursuing our purpose, because we don’t want to be heartbroken. We don’t want to find out that we are not, in fact, good enough. We love the idea that we are Divinely gifted. We don’t want to disprove our own Divinity.

It’s a scary path, this Soul purpose.

But what did we come here for, if not to fully embrace our Soul’s purpose and all that might come with it? Why did we bother incarnating into this cumbersome, dense third-dimensional body if not to experience our own Divinity in this incredibly powerful way?

Here’s what I’m certain of:

We did not incarnate to experience paying the bills, having health insurance benefits, taking home a steady paycheck, or paying off our mortgage “one day.” We did not incarnate to tolerate an unfulfilling job for fifty hours a week. We did not incarnate to fulfill a role predefined by society, such as being a “good” mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son.

Are any of the above the “practical” or “good” reasons that are keeping you from diving whole-heartedly into your Soul’s purpose? You have to ask yourself whether your Soul really came here to experience being “practical” or “good” …. or, for that matter, “reasonable.”

If you are not expressing your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime, then what are you doing? Can you really afford to do anything BUT your purpose?

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