Dowsing to win the lottery

Dowsing to win the lottery

It seems that at least once a month or so, I get an email from someone who’s found me online, asking me if they could use dowsing to win the lottery. And if yes, they would like exact instructions on how to do so. These inquiries usually make me giggle and shake my head at the same time.

Intuition is indeed a very practical resource. We decide on our desired destination, and our intuition shows us how to get there. But our intuition is information from our Soul itself – and our Soul wants to grow and evolve through the experience of creating our circumstances here.

Trying to use intuition or dowsing to win the lottery is like trying to opt out of one of the most valuable aspects of third-dimensional life: the exchange of energy with the world through money. We contribute energy to the world through the value we have to offer. And the world returns that energy to us as money. It is one of the most challenging, rewarding, and revealing feedback mechanisms we have in this physical experience. For most of us, abdicating participation in this system of energetic exchange by winning the lottery is simply not aligned with our highest path and purpose.

Intuition will help make our lives run smoother, and will help us get to our goals with greater ease and grace. But intuition will not let us abdicate our responsibility to actively create our experience. We don’t get to opt out of any aspect of this physical experience, including the financial aspect. That would be short-changing ourselves out of tremendous opportunity for growth.

When we work with our intuition, we have to be prepared to take action, to shift our experiences through conscious effort. Our intuition will certainly tell us how to do so efficiently and effectively. But we still need to do our third-dimensional work!

Check in with yourself. Do you ever wish that your intuition could offer you a “quick fix” for a difficult life situation? Is there an aspect of this human experience that you wish your intuition could get you out of altogether … like having to deal with money? Often, the life areas that we want to deal with the least are those that can offer us the greatest spiritual growth. And our intuition can indeed assist us in these areas – but not with an easy “out.”