Emotional Healing In The Akashic Records

Emotional Healing In The Akashic Records

It is impossible to fully heal from emotional hurt and pain while we’re in any kind of victimization energy. But when we’ve been hurt – through someone’s betrayal, neglect, disrespect, or manipulation – the most natural reaction in the world is to think “this was done TO me.”

Instead of truly healing, we end up coping. We learn to numb our hurt feelings with food, or distraction, or even with meditation. We disconnect from our emotions. And we build up a wall between ourselves and the world, which has become far less safe all of a sudden.

Worse, we may keep attracting the same hurtful interactions, over and over again.

So many of my clients come to me because they have noticed recurring patterns within their relationships. They may find themselves in romantic relationships with partners who consistently turn out to be emotionally neglectful, abusive, or dishonest. They may constantly find themselves lied to in their business dealings. They may have a series of backstabbing “friends.”

Every time we encounter the same emotional hurt, we lose more of our sense of safety, and disconnect from ourselves and the world a little more. We get better at coping.

Coping is not the same as healing.

At the core of the healing process is being able to answer the question: “How?”

Without knowing exactly HOW we’re attracting the same emotional hurt and pain, over and over again, we are stuck with the illusion of being someone’s victim.

Even if we’re absolutely willing to acknowledge that we must be creating all this hurt SOMEHOW … it’s not enough. We need to know SPECIFICALLY how we are at root cause, how we are attracting the same consistently painful circumstances.

It is the only path to healing, and reclaiming our emotional safety.

After all, if we are no longer a vibrational match for being betrayed, then betrayal cannot show up in our experience.

If we are no longer a vibrational match for being neglected, then neglect cannot show up in our experience.

The Akashic Records allow us to understand how we initiated a pattern of choice that is now attracting emotionally painful situations into our experience. Once we know the root cause, we can begin to see how we are unconsciously continuing this pattern in our present.

We can finally know what we need to change, in our own patterns of behavior and action, so that we can attract something different. In this way, we can stop focusing on other people and what they did “to” us. After all, we cannot control anyone else’s behavior!  Clearing work can help us create a temporary emotional shift that makes actual change easier. Clearing work opens a door of opportunity that we can then walk through … and claim our power.

We are, after all, fully empowered to change our own choices, at any time.

It is the ultimate way to reclaim safety and self-trust.

And instead of trying to forgive another person for causing us pain, thus affirming our victimization, we can move into true healing from a place of power and forgive ourselves for having created our own experience of pain.