Empowerment Through The Akashic Records

Empowerment Through The Akashic Records

From our normal, third-dimensional, human perspective, some things don’t make sense.

Why would some of us have to suffer through physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in our childhood?

Why would some of us be affected by struggle, tragedy and loss early on in our lives?

Why are some of us born into lives of affluence and comfort, and some of us are born into situations of lack and struggle?

As adults, we try to make sense of our childhoods.

We work on forgiving our parents, or our abusers, especially when they are one and the same.

We tell ourselves that there must be some “good” reason we went through our struggles  – that we had those hard experiences so that we could now help others, or that we were made stronger by our hardship and losses.  We tell ourselves that we could have had it so much worse.

In the absence of true understanding, we just work with whatever rationalization we can live with most peacefully.

Rarely do we take responsibility.  Because taking responsibility seems impossible.  After all, we were just children!  How could we take responsibility for acts of sexual abuse that took place when we were all of four years old, or take responsibility for childhood illness, or family tragedy, or emotional neglect?

After all, we were just kids.

Except, even as kids, we are Divine Beings who are the powerful Creators of our experience.

Stick with me here.  I realize that no child would ever consciously CHOOSE to be neglected or abused.  I know there are horrible, evil people in the world who want to victimize others.  And I realize that we don’t “make” tragedy strike our families.

But we are 100% responsible for all that we attract.

If we went through childhood abuse, then once upon a time, in a previous lifetime, we chose to disempower ourselves, we chose to turn ourselves into a victim, we chose to allow ourselves to be disrespected, neglected, disregarded.

What would that look like?

We might choose to stay with a neglectful spouse because they offer us a life of financial wealth.

We might choose to stay in an abusive relationship because we are afraid of what other people might think if we were to leave.

We might choose to abuse our bodies and surrender our inner authority to a spiritual teacher, because we bought into their guru-status.

These choices aren’t uncommon.  They still happen, every single day.  I know people who are making these choices, right now.  We are familiar with these scenarios.

What we may not realize is that OUR CHOICE to be abused, neglected, victimized, if not corrected, sets up a vibrational pattern of Being that attracts like circumstances and situations.

We don’t randomly incarnate to alcoholic, abusive parents because of “bad luck” or because the Universe thought we needed a few struggles to forge us into “better” Divine Beings.

We incarnate and attract into our birth families and situations based on the vibrational patterns of Being that WE created, THROUGH CHOICE.

I don’t know about you, but I find knowing WHY and HOW I CREATED IT incredibly empowering.  Because I can change anything that I created.

The other option – the one where we do not create our circumstances – is to be a victim. That’s a valid choice, but guess what we attract based on that choice?

Yep, more victimization!

We become victims of our health, victims to our bank account, victims of some financial or corporate or legal system, victims to our partners or our children or our parents.  We stay victims, again, THROUGH CHOICE.  And so we keep attracting circumstances that we appear not to have the power to change.  The cycle of victimization continues, lifetime after lifetime.

To me, understanding the original choice through which I created ANY situation in my life – whether that’s a childhood circumstance or any other – is the greatest gift of the Akashic Records.

Because once we know the choice … we can choose differently.

We have that power.

Of course, sometimes victimization is more convenient than power.  Because making new choices takes us out of our comfort zone and offers us NO EXCUSE not to create the exact lives that we want.
Which do you choose – victimization or power?

To your infinite inner wisdom,
Andrrea Hess