Every Choice Matters

Every Choice Matters

Are your current choices expressing your Soul’s Divinity … or squashing it?

At the end of the day, I see Soul Realignment® as the study of how the Soul shapes its human experience … and how the choices we make within our human experience shape our Soul. When our clients experience negativity in their lives, we as Practitioners trace that negativity back to a choice, often long forgotten. It may even be a choice made in a past life, the consequence of which we are still experiencing today. We can energetically clear these consequences, as long as the choice is fully acknowledged and understood.

Of course, coming into a more expansive understanding of choice and consequence completely changes our perspective of the choices we make today.

There are only two kinds of choices we can make. We can make choices that express our Soul’s Divinity, our innate gifts and purpose. Or we can make choices that violate who we are as spiritual, Divine Beings. (And those of you who are squirming at that language right now, please keep reading!)

We don’t like to think this way … that we are capable of violating our own Spirit. But when we make choices that go against our own Divine nature, we truly damage ourselves. Our Soul, our Spirit, is Divine. It is also, however, shaped by every human choice we make. There is absolutely no separation between the two.

This physical dimension is a risky proposition for a Soul – it carries the potential for huge spiritual growth, evolution, and joy. But the choices we make against our own Divine nature also have a huge potential for creating Soul-level negativity that manifests itself for lifetimes to come.

Choices that we make out of guilt, obligation, resentment, fear, or the perception that we have no other choice (it’s never true!) can never express our Divine nature. And yet, we make them every day.

It’s not okay to stay at a Soul-sucking, joy-killing job because we don’t believe we can make a decent living doing what we love.

It’s not okay to stay in a relationship that feels unloving and oppressive, that forces us into a little box prescribed by society, or that depletes us in any way.

It’s not okay to ignore our heart’s desires, to serve others but not serve ourselves, to treat ourselves as anything less than a glorious, precious Divine Being.

Why, then, do we make these choices?

We’re simply not supported in expressing our Divine nature without apology, without compromise. Expressing our Divine nature is often perceived as irrational, inconvenient, or simply “wrong” by the rest of society.

Heck, I once had a spiritual teacher who told me that leaving my husband would create terrible negative karma in my life. It took me six months before finding the strength to trust my inner guidance and end my marriage. Every area of my life improved drastically with this choice … a chronic health issue disappeared, my income went up by 700% (!!!) and life is sweeter than it’s ever been.

No-one can tell us what choices will express our Divine nature. Only our inner wisdom, our Soul itself, can tell us.

Every day that we make choices against our Divinity, we violate the very part of ourselves that is here to evolve and grow. It’s not a pretty thought, I know. Then again, life for many people isn’t exactly pretty. But we all live in an entirely self-created reality.

When our choices have not aligned to our Soul’s authentic self-expression, seemingly painful and radical course corrections may be necessary. We may upset other people. We may create a little turmoil. We may create a lot of inconvenience, for ourselves and others.

The alternative is violating our own Divine nature. And if we do that to ourselves … of what service can we possibly be to the people we love? How can we uphold the Divine in this world, if we do not uphold it in ourselves?

Every choice matters.