Fertile Ground for Intuitive Guidance

Fertile Ground for Intuitive Guidance

Connecting to intuitive guidance really isn’t difficult. I’ve been teaching intuitive development for six years now, and in working with hundreds of clients and students I have found that access is NOT the problem! Our Higher Self and Spirit Guides talk to us all the time. Ask the right questions, and you’ll find that most people actually know their Soul Purpose pretty darn well.

So why aren’t we all happily following Divine guidance? Why aren’t we all doing our Soul’s purpose and creating exactly what we want?

For most of us, the issue is not the availability of guidance. It’s what the mind does with the guidance once we receive it.

Intuitive development is really about making your mind and ego a fertile ground for Divine Guidance.

If the ego is not willing to receive, isn’t open, isn’t ready to give up its comfort zone, then all the intuitive wisdom in the world won’t make a difference. Free will is a great gift – but my goodness, it allows us to get in our own way!

How do we open our ego to Divine Guidance?

Here’s a few strategies:

Look at where you are investing your energy. Are you constantly taking care of others, or preoccupied with meaningless projects that you feel you “have to” finish before you can get on with what you REALLY want to do? The ego loves distracting you from your highest path.

Look at your results. At the end of the day, what have you created? And I don’t mean your thoughts, your feelings, your spiritual state. What have you actually created, completed, accomplisheded, in the physical world? The ego loves to divert attention from actually DOING our work in the world.

Look at what makes you really uncomfortable and afraid. The ego masks our path into greatness with fear and discomfort.

Don’t blame the ego – it’s just doing what it feels will keep you safe. The ego likes stability, sameness, status quo. But our job, as we strive for greater consciousness, is to discipline the ego so that it is open and ready to receive the guidance that will lead us into our Soul Purpose.

If you have a recurring thought to do something truly terrifying, do it. If you keep getting distracted from a goal that just keeps calling to you, recommit to it and take action. The more you act on guidance, the more open your ego becomes to taking instruction from your Higher Self.