Five Reasons For Getting Crappy Guidance

Five Reasons For Getting Crappy Guidance

To be honest, intuitive guidance is always perfect. Our interpretation of that guidance, on the other hand, can leave much to be desired! If we’re not careful, our “intuitive guidance” can become one giant excuse – an excuse to not venture past our comfort zone, an excuse for not taking action, an excuse for manifesting less-than-desired results.

At the end of the day, our mind still has to interpret guidance into a mental format … which is where most problems arise!

So here’s a handy guide for knowing when your interpretation of intuitive guidance is leading you astray:

1. Guidance will never tell you to delay financial abundance, joy, fulfilling relationships, or good health. If your “inner guidance” is telling you to wait on these things for the sake of greater reward down the road, you’re likely avoiding DOING something right now. It’s an infinitely abundant Universe, and there is NO part of your highest path that includes suffering … or even tolerance of less than ideal circumstances.

2. Guidance will never tell you to keep doing what you’re currently doing. In fact, true guidance will usually tell you to take action that goes way beyond your comfort zone, and is thus mildly terrifying. Guidance will ask you to trust in the abundance of the Universe by taking new levels of risk, making greater investments of your time, effort, and money, in order to create new results.

3. Guidance will not give you an “assignment.” I know this one is going to ruffle some feathers, and I’m fully prepared to receive a few emails on this one! But seriously … you are not “being asked” to do anything! You are not on a job assignment from Spirit. No Higher Beings have designated you as an emissary, a messenger, or have given you a specific task. You know why? Because you are Divine and the absolute HIGHEST authority in your own life. This incarnation is designed to be YOUR playground of Divine self-expression. You ARE God within your incarnation. No “higher being” – not angels, archangels, galactic councils, groups of consciousness – would EVER presume to usurp the purpose of your lifetime.

So why do people so often tell me that they were “given” a spiritual assignment, that they are “being asked” to fulfill some mission? I do understand that this is a real phenomenon! But it is entirely SELF-created. Remember, WE are the all-powerful Creators of our own experience. If a lack of egoic self-esteem leads us to search for spiritual acknowledgement and a need to be “special” … we’ll want and therefore ASK for an “assignment.” And intuitive guidance can simply not override your will. If you want a spiritual mission, you’ll get one – because you’re the ultimate authority of your life, remember?

Seriously – actual “higher beings” would NEVER give you anything to do but focus on creating a life that is an expression of your Divine abundance.

4. Guidance will never ask you to dismiss any aspect of physical life. The spiritual realm acknowledges the perfection of the human experience, and would never ask you to give up money, sex, or material possessions. The material plane is a physical expression of Divine Abundance and is sacred. If you can’t find the Divine in the iPhone, a stunning pair of shoes, a piece of chocolate, or an orgasm, then you’re missing the point of your Soul’s choice to be in a human experience.

5. Guidance will never have you focus on helping “the planet” or “people.” Guidance is designed to help YOU create what YOU want in this human experience. If you’re preoccupied with all that you want to do for “the world,” it’s entirely possible that you’re not actually living the life you want – and don’t feel empowered enough to create the life of your choosing. it’s far more convenient at times to focus on saving “the world” than it is to engage in the very real effort and discomfort of changing our own lives.

Remember – the ONLY place you can create change is in your own experience. Be the change – remember? Focus on being the living example of what you want for others … it’s the only place from which you can be a true inspirational leader for global change. Do it yourself first. Worry about the rest of the planet later.

I live and breathe by my intuition. But I’ve also witnessed my own ego distorting intuitive guidance because of its resistance.

This is NORMAL – with awareness, we can trust that we are interpreting guidance correctly.

At the end of the day, your inner wisdom must create new RESULTS – the results you want! Because, as a Divine Being, you are here to joyfully create the experience you desire for yourself.

If results are not forthcoming – don’t create a “spiritual” reason for your lack. Assume that the error is yours … because it is.

To your inner wisdom,
Andrea Hess