Gift or Burden?

Gift or Burden?

There’s nothing more precious than knowing our own Divine nature. The depth of information available to us in the Akashic Records about the nature of our Soul never ceases to amaze me. And those of us who choose to read the Records for others -professionally or privately – have the opportunity to see ourselves even more clearly. By reading for other Souls, we see ourselves even more clearly, through contrast or similarity.

The learning never ends. With each reading, we constantly deepen our understanding of our Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose. With each reading, we become more conscious and self-aware.

Knowing our Divine Gifts and Purpose means we can use these attributes, apply them to our manifesting efforts, to create more of what we want. And of course, knowing the Gifts and Purpose of our loved ones means that we can also be more effective in co-creating our experience with others.

Is there a down-side to consciousness? Consciousness expands our ability to CHOOSE, and thus gives us more power to create our human experience. And with power also comes … responsibility.

Is responsibility a down-side? Is it a burden? Or is it a gift?

After all, as spiritual seekers, we are choosing greater consciousness, right? We meditate, we develop our intuition, we choose greater awareness of ourselves and others.

It stands to reason that we’re going to USE our expanded awareness to make new choices, right?

Here’s where it gets interesting. It’s easy to let ourselves off the hook for making negative choices when we didn’t know better. After all, we learn through making mistakes, right?

But with expanded consciousness and self-awareness is … you do know better. If you learn to read the Akashic Records, you learn how impeccably we create our experience through choice. You learn how choice creates consequence – positive and negative. And you DO know when you are making choices that do not align to your Divine nature, choices that are “negative,” i.e. not an expression of your Divinity.


It’s tough having to admit to knowing that a choice is negative – and we made that choice, anyway.

It’s tough when undesired results manifest – and we know exactly which of our choices created them.

I will admit that, occasionally, I wonder if life isn’t easier when we can pretend that we are hapless victims of circumstance, when we can make unconscious choices and pretend that life is something that just “happens.”

It’s tough knowing exactly how responsible we are.

This spiritual pity-party usually lasts all of thirty seconds.

Responsibility is empowering! I, for one, would rather know how I personally screwed up and created what I did not want. I’d rather know … so that I don’t have to do it again. I’d rather step into responsibility than pretend that something “happened to me.”

Consciousness, power, and responsibility. They go hand-in-hand, and I, for one, am grateful for all three.

What about you? Have you claimed all three? Because sometimes we want the power – but not the responsibility. Sometimes we want the consciousness – but not the power.

But all three allow us to express our Divinity into our human experience … and that is, after all, why we are here.

In gratitude,
Andrea Hess