Got issues – or intuition?

Got issues – or intuition?

Recently, I confronted someone in my life because I suspected a lie. I had no evidence, no real reason to be suspicious … I just had my intuition, yelling at me that something was amiss. My accusation was at first met with absolute denial, but I persisted. And sure enough … my suspicions were confirmed. My intuition had been absolutely right.

But how often to we trust someone’s words over our own intuitive wisdom? How often do we let someone – a boss, a spouse, a child, a friend, a mentor – talk us out of what we KNOW? And how often do we later say “I just KNEW it!” when a situation blows up in our face?

Worse – how often do we assume that inner misgivings and discomfort mean there’s something wrong with us? That we have “issues” we need to work through? As highly conscious women especially, we have a tendency to try and “fix” feelings that may actually be our intuitive alert system, letting us know that something in our situation is wrong.

Women have worked so hard to be seen as intellectually capable that an accusation of being unreasonable (or, God forbid, hormonal) can send us into a tailspin of self-doubt. Instead of honoring our natural gift of our intuition, we argue with our feelings. We make ourselves wrong. We squash our own Divine gifts, rob ourselves of our inner wisdom, in an attempt to be “reasonable.”

Intuition isn’t reasonable.

This is actually the key to spotting an intuitive warning!

Let’s say you are a highly trusting person – you don’t generally suspect anyone of lying to you. Suddenly, out of the blue, you feel a sense of dread and suspicion about your teenager. It’s not reasonable. It has no basis in an actual event or circumstance. You just have a sense that there’s something you’re not being told.

It’s the suddenness, and the very unusual and unreasonable nature of such an instinct, that would indicate to me that you’re probably right. Let’s face it – we don’t just wake up one morning with trust issues, or jealousy issues, or insecurity issues, or anxiety issues. If those are really our issues, they’ve made themselves known for a while.

No, if we feel mistrustful, or jealous, or insecure, or anxious and this is NOT our usual pattern … then there’s something amiss. Don’t try to fix the feeling. Honor your intuitive insight. You are most likely absolutely right!