Helping, Healing, and Responsibility

Helping, Healing, and Responsibility

One of the fears that new students of intuition tell me about is “What if I tell someone something wrong and they make bad decisions based on what I tell them in a reading?” There is a sense of heavy responsibility when we move into professional reading and energy healing work.

As healing and helping professionals, we have to maintain a state of detachment about the outcome of our work. We have to remember that the responsibility to heal, to move forward, to release negativity, and to make choices based on their highest good lies solely with our client.

Any healing or service – whether that’s intuitive readings, energy work, coaching or counseling – is merely about facilitating change. We cannot “fix” an issue. We cannot clear, heal, or transform anyone. As healers and helping professionals, we facilitate the client in fixing, clearing, healing and transforming themselves.

It’s not about being an “accurate” intuitive, a “powerful” energy worker, or an “effective” healer. Wanting to be accurate, powerful, or effective is about our ego. It’s about us – not about the client. We get attached to the “quality” of our work. We want to be good at what we do. We work with and on our clients, instead of the client working with and on themselves.

Our work becomes more effective when we completely detach from the outcome of what we do. When we give back all responsibility for self-healing and transformation to our clients, we can step back into the role of facilitation. In this way, we honor our clients as the truly powerful creators of their own experience.

So if we wonder whether we could take on the responsibility of healing or intuitive work, we must remember that our only responsibility lies in doing work that gives us joy and allows us to expand on our own path of spiritual evolution. And when we increase the energies of joy and expansion, our work in this world is, in many ways, already done.